How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Whatsapp

By | October 27, 2022

The Blue Ticks are adored mostly by those who choose to go the legal way. Since they value their privacy and don’t want others to know when they have seen a message, some people despise them to the point that they have turned them off. However, there is a way for you to determine whether or not your messages are being read if you have a friend or acquaintance who has disabled the Blue Tick feature, also known as the Read Receipt feature.

The checkmarks and message information on WhatsApp are affected by disabling read receipts. Individual chats, groups, and WhatsApp status all exhibit different behaviors.

How To Turn Off Read Receipts On Whatsapp

  • Click on Settings
  • Select Account
  • Select Privacy
  • Turn off Read Receipts: You can find the Read Receipts button near the bottom of the screen once you are in the Privacy area. Click on the Read Receipts button to turn it off, and you can turn it back on at any time.

How to check read receipts

Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here’s what each one indicates:

  •  The message was successfully sent.
  •  The message was successfully delivered to the recipient’s phone or any of their linked devices.
  •  The recipient has read your message.

Even if the receiver’s phone is off, the second check mark will show up when a message is sent to any of the linked devices.
When everyone in the group has seen your message in a group chat, a second check mark will appear. When everyone in the group has read your message, two blue check marks appear.
Information about the message
You may view the specifics of when your message was sent, viewed, or played by the recipient on the message info screen for any message you send.
For the message information screen:
Start a private or public chat.
Hold down the tapped and send button.
You might also need to hit More options > Info and check.
Message information screen displays:

Delivered: Your message has been sent to the recipient’s phone or other connected devices, but they haven’t yet received it.
Read or Seen: Your message has been read or your image, audio file, or video has been viewed by the recipient.
Although they have heard your voicemail, they haven’t yet played it.
Played: Your voicemail has been played by the receiver.

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