How to Take Screenshots on Chromebook

By | September 7, 2022

For a variety of purposes, screenshots are valuable. For instance, you may save a tweet that you think will be removed soon. You can also show a buddy what your gaming screen looks like or send a copy of an error message.

Chromebooks and other modern laptops all come with the ability to snap screenshots.

Because Chromebook keyboards differ slightly from those of Macs or Windows PCs, it can be a bit difficult for someone switching from another platform.

In this article, we will be talking about how to take screenshots on Chromebook. Taking screenshots on Chromebook can be done in different ways. Follow this article to the end and know how to take screenshots on Chromebook.

Taking Screenshot on Chromebook Using Keyboard

  • Use the Ctrl + Show Windows key combination to capture the whole screen. On the top row of the keyboard is the Show windows key, which resembles a rectangle with two lines on the right side. It functions similarly to the F5 key on a computer keyboard.
  • To access the Quick Settings menu, just enter the Quick Settings menu by pressing the Shift + Ctrl + Show Windows keys.

Taking Screenshot on Chromebook via Quick Settings

  • On your screen, click the clock in the lower-right corner. Your Quick Settings menu will appear after doing this.
  • Select the Screen Capture button.

At the bottom of the screen, a little menu with numerous icons will appear. They include:

  • Screenshot (for still captures)
  • Screen record (for video captures)
  • Take full-screen screenshot
  • Take a partial screenshot (a crosshair icon will appear; click and drag it until the part of the screen you want to copy is highlighted and then let go).
  •  Take a windows screenshot (for a single window)
  • Settings

By selecting the Settings icon, you may change your audio input settings, determine whether your microphone should be on or off, and choose the location where you wish to keep your screenshots and recordings.

Taking Screenshot on Chromebook Using External Keyboard

The keyboard on a Chromebook differs slightly from an ordinary external keyboard. For instance, the Show windows key is absent. The following shortcuts must be used if you want to take a screenshot while using an external, non-Chrome OS keyboard:

  • Ctrl + F5 for full screenshot
  • Ctrl + Shift + F5 for partial screenshot

Taking Screenshot on Chromebook Using Google Assitant

A screenshot on your Chromebook may also be requested using Google Assistant. On your Chromebook, first, turn on Google Assistant by saying Hey Google. Then utter the phrase “Take a screenshot.” The screen will display the notice for the screenshot capture.

Google Assistant has to be turned on in order for you to use this feature. Access Google Assistant by going to Chromebook Settings > Search & Assistant. Toggle the switch next to off to make it active. Next to the Hey Google drop-down box, choose always as well. You might need to voice-train.

In addition, you may launch Google Assistant by selecting it from the search bar when you open Chromebook’s search. Write or speak To capture a screenshot.

Note: The Chromebook must be charging in order for the Hey Google functionality to function.

Taking Screenshot on Chromebook Using Chrome Extensions

Chrome extensions are also dependable. The Chrome online shop offers downloads for these. Simple free screenshot applications for Chromebooks include:

  • FireShot
  • Lightshot
  • Nimbus Screenshot
  • Awesome Screenshot

Even though these applications are made to capture screenshots inside the Chrome browser, some of them allow you to choose any open window and capture its screenshot. The majority of these add-ons also allow you to snap scrolling screenshots.

How to Save and Edit Your Screenshot

A duplicate of the screenshot will show up in a pop-out window above the Quick Settings menu once you’ve taken it. To display it in the folder, click on it. Any screenshot you capture will by default end up in the Downloads folder, but you can modify this by selecting a different folder in the Screen Capture menu by clicking the Settings button.

You may also use the Edit and Delete buttons. The Edit option will launch a rather helpful software that allows you to conduct simple activities like cropping and rotating, rescaling, annotating, and changing the lighting.

Why Won’t My Screenshots save on Chromebook?

Change the Download Location

This issue often means that ChromeOS was unable to locate your download location. Try adjusting the download location to see if it helps.

Go to Chrome Settings, and choose Downloads under Advanced. Verify the accuracy of your current download location settings. To choose a new download location, click the Change button.

If the problem still exists, try storing your screenshots in a different folder. Ideally, you shouldn’t save your downloads and screenshots in the “My Files” folder by default. You can lose your files if you have to power wash your device.

Have the screenshots automatically upload to Google Drive if the problem continues.

  • Return to Downloads and choose Change from the menu.
  • After choosing Google Drive, click the New Folder option.
  • Organize your screenshots in a separate folder. “My Screenshots,” for example.
  • Then choose “My Screenshots” as your new destination for downloading screenshots by pressing the Open button.

Free up Some Space

Chromebook won’t be able to save the screenshot if your download location is full and there isn’t enough room left for it. Verify that you have enough storage space. From local storage, remove any superfluous files, restart your laptop, and evaluate the outcomes.

Clear Your Cache

Attempt clearing your cache to see if this simple fix functions for you.

  • Open Chrome, then select More options.
  • Select All Time > Clear Browsing Data.
  • Choose Cached pictures and files as well as Cookies and other site data.
  • Press the data-clearing button.
  • New screenshots should be taken to see if your laptop can save them.

Contact Your Admin

For more assistance, get in touch with your IT administrator if your Chromebook is administered by a company. Perhaps the settings were just changed to forbid screenshots by users. Enter chrome:/policy in a new browser tab to learn more about the current policy.


Some people find it difficult to take screenshots on their Chromebook. However, taking screenshots on Chromebook can be done in different ways. We have provided the best ways in which screenshots can be done on Chromebook in this article.

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