How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

By | October 18, 2022

There are various quick and simple ways to take screenshots in Windows, allowing you to record the entire screen or just one window or section. 
This post will show you how to screen capture any part of your Windows desktop using keyboard shortcuts.

How To Take A Screenshot On Windows

Before you begin the process of capturing the screen, you need to navigate to the screen you wish to capture. Make sure the screen you want to capture is up and free of distractions before you start the screenshot process (e.g., open windows or programs).

Print Screen (PrtScn)

By pressing this key, the entire screen is captured. If more than one is visible, it captures everything displayed on each one in a single picture. But this doesn’t instantly save the image; it only copies it to the clipboard.

Alt + Print Screen

One window is captured by this feature, however you must select the desired window before executing the key command. 

Win + Shift + S

This option makes use of the Snip & Sketch built-in screenshot tool. You have four options after the screen is dimmed: rectangular, freeform, window, and fullscreen snips. Screenshots are only delivered to the clipboard and not saved.

Win + G

The Xbox Game Bar now appears. To save the image to C:Users>(user name)>Videos>Captures, simply click “capture” and the camera icon.

Win + Print Screen

Similar to Print Screen, this option also records the entire screen, but this time the image is stored automatically and saved to C:UsersPictures>Screenshots.

Snipping Tool

Last but not least, you can use an inbuilt tool in windows known as the Snipping tool to take screenshots. You simply type the name of the app in the windows search bar and after you have clicked on it, you tap on new to have access to take the screenshot.

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