How To Tab In Google Docs App

By | December 23, 2022

Working on the move with your device is made simpler by Google Docs. You can make and edit documents on your phone or tablet by using the Google Docs mobile app. The majority of Google Docs’ desktop functionality are also available in the mobile app.

Although the Google Docs mobile app does not support tabs, there are various alternatives you can employ. Some features, including the ability to tab, are not available on the mobile app due to the absence of a physical keyboard.

On your mobile device, press the spacebar to manually insert the tab space. The equivalent of four or five spaces is a tab. Thus, to make it look as a tab in the Google Docs mobile app, you must tap the spacebar five times.

Using tab interrupts

You have more control over where the text appears when you use tab stops. By default, the insertion point on the keyboard moves half an inch to the right every time you press the Tab key. You can alter the size of the tabs and apply many tab stops to a single line by adding tab stops to the Ruler. For instance, by adding a left tab stop, you can left-align crucial dates on a résumé.

In Google Docs, there are three different kinds of tab stops.

  • At the tab stop, the text is left-aligned.
  • Text is centered around the tab stop in the center.
  • Right tab stop: Text at the tab stop is aligned to the right.

Based on where the insertion point is, using the Tab key either add a tab or produce a first-line indent. A first-line indent will often be created if the insertion point is at the start of an existing paragraph; otherwise, a tab will be created.

How To Add tab stops

  • The paragraph or paragraphs you want to add tab stops to should be selected. The tab stops will affect the current paragraph and any other paragraphs you put underneath it if you don’t choose any paragraphs.
  • Select the area of the Ruler where you want your text to display by clicking there. There will be a drop-down menu with available tab stops.
  • Choose the preferred tab stop. As many tab stops as you like can be added.
  • Set the insertion point where you wish the tab to be added.
  • On the keyboard, press the Tab key. The text will advance to the spot where the next tab stop will be.
  • Click and drag the tab stop off of the Ruler to eliminate it.

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