How To Shorten A Link In Google Docs

By | December 23, 2022

You can upload documents, pictures, movies, audio files, and other types of data to a cloud-sharing platform using Google Doc. The contents can then be directly accessed by other individuals via the cloud without the need for irritating attachments or time-consuming emails.
In order to share a Google Drive file, all you need is the URL!

Google Drive URLs are notoriously difficult to remember due to their length and complexity. Because of its intricacy, sharing is bothersome. To share the URL with anyone, you either need to remember it off the top of your head or copy and paste it.

Fortunately, there is a simple fix. You may take complicated URLs and condense them into brief snippets that are simple to remember and share using a link-shortening tool.
Find out how you can shorten google docs URL in this guide.

Why Shorter URLs Are Better

Longer URLs are typically more difficult to remember and monitor than shorter URLs. You won’t need to make any adjustments (301 redirects) after they are viewed since they are more remembered.
Short links are used to monitor clicks and other data as well as to conserve space when putting out a URL.

Google Docs URLs that have been shortened are simpler to read, type, and remember. Branded short links are proven to get up to 39% more hits than generic links.

How can I install the Google Docs add-on for Advanced URL shortener?

  • Access your document in Google Docs after logging in.
  • Get add-ons by clicking Add-ons.
  •  The G-Suite marketplace will be launched. .
  • In the search box, enter “Advanced URL shortener,” and when it appears, select it.
  • Select the blue install button to continue.
  • You must give Advanced URL Shortener permission before it can begin installing. To proceed, choose “Continue.”
  • You can now discover your “Advanced URL shortener” to reduce Google Docs URL by selecting Add-ons in Google Docs.
  • You can now discover your “Advanced URL shortener” to reduce Google Docs URL by selecting Add-ons in Google Docs.

How can I shorten the URL for Google Docs using the “Advanced URL shortener”?

The Link address can be shortened in the following manner:

  • Start by selecting Add-ons > Advanced URL shortener.
  • The right part of the document will open as a sidebar.
  • By right-clicking on any link, you may shorten the URL for the current Google Docs page with only one click.
  • There are four ways to abbreviate the URL for Google Docs. Select one by checking the appropriate box.
  • Shorten selected
  • Shorten selected
  • expand all pages
  • expand all pages
  • Using the available choices, you may view the summary of shortened links.
  • pick all to get the summary, then click.

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