How to Scroll on Macbook Air

By | April 23, 2023

Along with offering a more portable version of desktop computers, laptops also include a few added capabilities that might make working on them more convenient. Apple laptops are unique in that they differ significantly from other laptops that use the Windows operating system.

On a MacBook, there are several methods to scroll, and we will go through each one with you. The trackpad, space bar, keyboard arrows, or an external mouse can all be used to scroll down on a Mac.

In this article, we will show you the various ways which you can follow to scroll on Macbook Air.

How to Scroll Down on Mac Using the Trackpad

Using the trackpad alone is one of the primary methods for scrolling on a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. It may seem strange at first because the scrolling gesture on the MacBook is reversed by default, but you can change this in your mouse settings.

Use two fingers to scroll with the MacBook trackpad in the desired direction. You must use two fingers for this; you do not need to click down; instead, simply move your fingertips in the desired direction.

Simple side-to-side swipes of two fingers will scroll horizontally. Your fingers will glide right when you move them in that direction and left when you move them in that direction.

How to Scroll on Mac Using the Keyboard

You can also scroll using your MacBook Air keyboard’s up, down, left, and right buttons. Because certain information will constantly be near the screen’s edge, there is a potential that you will miss some of the specifics of whatever you are watching if you choose this option. Additionally, you typically need to click in the place where you wish to scroll before you can utilize these keys.

On a MacBook Air, you can scroll by hitting the function key and either the up or down key while simultaneously pressing the page up or page down key. If you press the “fn+up” or “fn+down” keys, these keys will advance to the beginning of the page or the end of the page, respectively.

How to Scroll on Mac Using the ScrollBars

If scroll bars are your preferred form of navigating, you can change your system preferences so that they always appear. Follow these easy steps to get a scrollbar on a Mac:

  • Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Select General.
  • Search for the “Show scroll bars” section.

You can now scroll up and down the pages by using the scrollbar section. On a MacBook, just click above the scroll box to page up and below the scroll box to page down.

To change this setting:

  • Open the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • Then click on General.
  • Search for the “Click in the scroll bar to” section.

Note: When you wish to scroll left or right, just reverse the procedure by left-clicking the scroller and beginning to move your finger in either an upward or downward direction on the touchpad. Always keep in mind that the scroll bar is at the bottom of the screen for horizontal movement and at the very right of the screen for vertical movement.

Simply click the comparable location on the scroll bar to shift your page to that location if you want to travel to a certain location on the page you are currently seeing.

How to Scroll Using External Mouse on Mac

Vertical scroll with mouse wheel

However, you can attach an external mouse to your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air as long as you have the proper adapters because most recent MacBooks use USB Type C connections while most external mice use USB Type-A. Also, to browse up or down, just use the scroll wheel on any external mouse.

Scroll horizontally with the mouse wheel

By holding down the SHIFT key and using the mouse wheel to go up or down, you can scroll horizontally with the mouse.

To scroll right, press SHIFT + Mouse wheel Down.

To scroll left, press SHIFT + Mouse wheel Up.

How to Change Your Mac Scrolling Preferences

You can change the MacBook’s trackpad setup, which is by default inverted, in the mouse settings.

  • Go to the ‘Apple logo’ in the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Select ‘System Preferences’.
  • To access your mouse settings, select “Trackpad.”
  • To alter it, go to “Scroll and Zoom,” uncheck the option next to “Scroll Direction: Natural,” and then click “Apply.”


You might find it challenging to use the MacBook Air at first, especially if you migrated from the Windows platform.

There may be certain aspects that you are unaware of since the functioning of Apple laptops is very different from that of other laptops. On your MacBook Air, scrolling is one of the functions, and we’ve outlined how to use it for your convenience in this write-up.

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