How To Retrieve BVN Without Phone Number

By | August 26, 2022

In case you have misplaced your BVN SIM card for a while now and don’t know you can find it, it is imperative to find ways to retrieve the BVN without a phone number.

The BVN number is so important that you can virtually do nothing in the banking hall without it.

In this guide, we present you the processes you can follow to retrieve your BVN number without phone number.

How To Retrieve BVN Without Phone Number

1. Using Internet Banking

You can resort to the use of Internet to retrieve your BVN after it is lost or misplaced. In order to retrieve your BVN without a phone number through Internet Banking, you need to be registered for bank internet banking service. You can register by dialing the shortcode *556#.

Visit your bank internet banking page and sign in with your details thus your username and password. You can see your bank verification number proudly showcased on the top of the menu with respect to your bank. This is an easy way of retrieving your BVN number when you lose it.

2. Using The Mobile App

All the banks in Nigeria have come out with mobile apps for their customers and the mobile app is another way to get your BVN number when it gets lost. Once you download the bank mobile app and you fill in the necessary details and register by adhering to the conditions involved, you can see the BVN after you have logged into the mobile app.

Once you have completed the steps, sign in using your mobile banking details.In some mobile apps, you need to go to account settings and BVN to retrieve your bank verification number.

3. Check BVN Without Phone Number Using USSD

You can use the shortcode *565*0# on your mobile phone to retrieve your BVN. With this service, you will be charged an amount of N20 as a service fee. The number you sent the USSD shortcode on must be the same number you used to register for the BVN. Airtel, Etisalat, and MTN are the network providers that offer this service.

4. Bank Visit

You can decide to go to the bank yourself and get things sorted out. You need to go along with your National ID card as a source of verification and explain to the staff at the bank that you have misplaced your BVN and that you need them to retrieve it for you. You will be taken through the right checks to ascertain if you are truly the right person and if everything is alright, the bank staff will check your BVN number for you.

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