How To Request For BECE Results Remarking In Ghana

By | January 21, 2023

Many people after writing their Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) set by WAEC, now wait for the final days for the release of their results and School Placement into various Senior High Schools.

If you are part of the students who sat for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) and your results are released, the best way to go about is to check and confirm your BECE results.

There are many students who check their results and are not satisfied with the outcome data released by WAEC. But when this happens, the best steps to go about is to request for BECE results remarking from WAEC Ghana.

I would like to walk you through the basic steps with guide on How To Request For BECE Results Remarking In Ghana

What Is BECE Results Remarking?

Remarking is the process of having an official review your results. BECE Results Remarking involves the process of having WAEC officials to check, review and correct your BECE results before showing to the general public.

A BECE candidate who has reasons, expecting to see better results than what was released for him or her, this candidate can make a request for remarking from WAEC Ghana. According to WAEC Ghana, the requests for re-marking must be made within two months (60 days) of release of the results of the examination.

For not being satisfied with your released results as a candidate, you would need to seek for remark but this comes with its cost.

According to WAEC, the first step towards getting your exam or answer script remarked — is to draw the attention of the school where you took the examination. That is the basic school the candidate have attended.

The school, with the help by the headteacher will have to forward an application on behalf of the candidates to West African Examination Council (WAEC). It is mandatory that the application must be received 60 days after the release of the results.

WAEC Remarking Procedure In Ghana

WAEC Ghana works with certain rules and regulations concerning the remarking of the BECE results for interested BECE candidates. If you are willing to make a requests for re-marking, you should submit your request within two months (60 days) of the release of the results of the examination. After the remarking, WEAC Ghana will update the student with the outcome.

Before a procedure could be embarked on the remarking of BECE results, the candidate or his/her school will be required to provide evidence for the need for the re-marking and also pay the requisite fee before the exercise is carried out by WAEC Ghana.

A student who would love to go for BECE results remarking will have to follow some few steps to get things done correctly.

How To Request For Remarking Of BECE Results

Upon request to call for remarking of your BECE results from WAEC Ghana, you would need to follow some basic steps and here are they listed for you to follow below.

Understand WAEC Policies

WAEC has policies it operates with, and you should first of all read, know and understand the policies set by the West African Examination Council before making the attempt to go for remarking. Getting to know these policies will help you know how boldly to depend yourself when questioned by the authorities.

Have The Additional Information

As a candidate willing to proceed for BECE Results remarking, you would need to gather necessary information before walking or embarking on remarking of BECE results. Always have at hand, your BECE results, your Index number, examination number, year of examination, the subject(s) to request for remarking, and give out your prior reason for the remarking of your examination papers.

Fill Out WAEC Remarking Application Form

After gathering all the necessary information you should have, you would need to fill out the application form for remarking of your examination. WAEC has the Remarking Application form for persons to fill and complete with the necessary information at hand.

Submit Your Request For Remarking

After going through all the legal processes involved in requesting for BECE results remarking, you would need to submit your request and hope to hear from WAEC Ghana.

Submit the completed application form either online or by post via Ghana Post Office with your additional details.

Wait To Hear From WAEC

After submitting your request for BECE results remarking, you would need to wait for the results from WAEC Ghana — to hear the positive feedback. Waiting for the reply from WAEC may take days, weeks or sometimes, months to get things done accordingly.

In lodging the complain, candidate have to specify whether he/she is calling for remarking of all the subjects or just some of them. After this, the West African Examination Council remark the specified papers. Then the candidate waits till the next result is released.

Should you wait for long and not hearing from WAEC, you could proceed and visit the WAEC office directly to explain to them further and prove your BECE results.

How To Request For BECE Results Remarking In Ghana FAQs

What do you do if you are not satisfied with your BECE results?

A candidate who is not satisfied with his/her results can appeal to the Council for re-marking. This can be done by the candidate him/herself if he/she writes any of the private candidates’ examinations or by the candidate’s school if he/she sits the examination as a school candidate.

What is the pass mark for BECE 2022?

Per the new system put in place by the Ghana Education Service, there is no cut-off point for BECE. Previously, it was an aggregate of 25. Although the results released each year are graded from 1 to 9 per subject, the school placement is done using the candidate’s raw score.

Can the BECE results change?

BECE results is not likely to be changed, but your BECE results can change after WAEC Ghana confirms mistakes in the grades or any form of malpractice.

What is the highest raw score in BECE?

The raw score for BECE can go as high as 600. With a maximum raw score of 600 in six subjects (four core subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies), and two best subjects), the total score is 600.

I believe this article has guide has been useful to you about How To Request For BECE Results Remarking In Ghana.

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