How to Remove Your Quickloan Money from MTN’s System

Do you wish you could remove your Quickloan money from MTN’s system? Of course, it is very possible to remove your debt from MTN’s system. All you have to do is to follow the procedures on this page to do it.

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Many users of MTN MOMO are defaulters of the MTN Quickloan policy and are finding ways of doing away with the owed money. Of course, you can do away with how much you owe on your sim card and I am gladly going to help you do just that.

What is MTN Quickloan?

MTN Quickloan is a microcredit service offered by MTN, a leading telecommunications company in Ghana. It allows MTN customers to borrow money instantly through their mobile phones, without the need for collateral or a bank account. Customers can access loans ranging from small amounts to higher amounts, depending on their creditworthiness and repayment history.

To apply for MTN Quickloan, customers can dial *170# on their mobile phones and follow the prompts to complete the loan application. The loan is disbursed directly to the customer’s MTN mobile money wallet, and repayment is made through the same wallet or other available payment options. If you want full detail on how to apply, read an earlier article about how to apply for MTN Quickloan in Ghana.

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How to Remove Your Quickloan Money from MTN’s System

If after collecting the loan, you want to remove the amount you owe from MTN’s system, there are quite a few tips you can try.

Note that this article is only for educational purposes and is not meant to promote any illegal activities. If you try any of the steps in this article, you try them at your own risk. will not be held responsible for any outcome of your actions.

1. Repay your loan

The very best way to remove your Quickloan money from MTN’s system is to repay it. Repaying your loan will give you that debt-free feeling you deserve. It will also increase your chances of getting another loan the next time you need it.

You don’t know when you might need another emergency loan so it is very important to repay your loan. Also, make sure you pay on time else you might end up not getting another one again. Immediately after you pay, your loan is removed from MTN’s system.

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2. Be a defaulter of quick loan

Most people feel becoming a defaulter will remove their money from MTN’s system. The truth is of course you will not be able to take another loan but your debt is not removed.

The debt actually adds a negative balance to your mobile money wallet. If you should receive money in your wallet later, you will definitely have it deducted. In most cases, throwing away the sim after defaulting becomes an option for most users after.

Note that your sim card is registered under your name and if you default for too long, you will also be hurting your credit history. That also means you will find it difficult in taking a loan in the future regardless of where you are taking it.

3. Port your MTN number

Porting simply means moving your number to a different network. Meaning if you are on MTN, you can move your number to Vodafone or another network. It is the same number but you no longer buy MTN airtime.

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Most Quickloan defaulters believe that by porting their number to a different network, they no longer owe MTN Quick loans. Of course, you no longer owe MTN Quickloan on your sim card since you have ported out of MTN. But your details will still remain in the MTN Quick loan system and will hurt your credit history in the long run.

If you port back to MTN after months, it is likely you will have to register for MTN Mobile Money again and that means you will also have zero balance.


Trying to remove your Quickloan Money from MTN’s system is highly possible. However, you must note that it will hurt your credit history. In most cases, you might not see it today but if you decide to take a business loan later, your Quickloan history will hurt you.

All sim cards are registered these days with genuine ID numbers. This also means that your details can be tracked on all platforms so always do due diligence. Pay your loans instead of trying to get away with them.

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