How to Reduce Header Size in Google Docs

By | December 29, 2022

 Has your document’s header been filling up too much room? This could be an issue if you need to accommodate a certain amount of text on one page.

A page number, author name, or document title are examples of crucial information that is frequently repeated on each page and is typically displayed in the header part of a document. In Google Docs, a header is essentially larger by default when you include it in your document. In case you need to make the header in Google Docs smaller or lower its size, you can do it by clicking the “header size” button.

We are examining how you can reduce header size in Google docs in this post.

How to Reduce Header Size in Google Docs

The procedures listed below will help you reduce the size of the header in Google Docs if you don’t require that content or if you have included it but still think that the header is too big.

Selecting the Left ruler choice

To make the header smaller in Google Docs, select the left ruler option. You only need to adhere to the brief instructions below.

  • Open the Google Doc in which you want to reduce the header’s size.
  • Ensure you have the Show ruler option chosen. If not, follow the instructions on How to show a ruler in Google Docs to enable it.
  • When you hover your mouse over the left ruler, a double side arrow with the words “Top Margin” will appear. To make the heading of your Google Docs document smaller, simply drag the double-sided arrow upward.

By selecting Page Setup

In Google Docs, you can also lessen the size of the header by using the page configuration window. Please follow the simple procedures below.

  • Launch your Google Docs file.
  • Select Page Setup from the File menu by clicking on it.
  • Adjust the top margin in the Page Setup window to suit your need. 
  • To commit the modifications, click the Ok button at the end.

 Adjusting your margins In Google Docs

Understanding all of Google Docs’ features is crucial if you’re working with a large document with intricate formatting. It’s really simple to add a single header and single footer to a document. or if you require a header that appears on each page once. However, it requires some little bit more work when a project calls for distinct headers. However, creating and changing the header and footer is rather simple with Google Docs.

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