How To Add, Copy and Delete Text Boxes in Google Slides

By | April 18, 2023

Users can create, modify, and collaborate on slideshows using Google Slides, an online presentation tool. Users can add other kinds of elements, like text boxes, to their slides to make interesting presentations.

We’ll go over how to add, copy, and remove text boxes in Google Slides in this article.

How to Add a Text Box in Google Slides

Follow these instructions to add a text box to Google Slides:

Step 1: To add a text box to a presentation, open Google Slides and choose the slide.

Step 2. Choose Text box from the drop-down menu by clicking the “Insert” option in the top menu bar. As an alternative, you can press “ommand + Shift + T on a Mac or Ctrl + Shift + T on a Windows computer.

Step 3: Select the slide on which the text box should be added. You’ll see a rectangular text box with a blinking cursor inside of it.

Step 4: Fill out the text box with the text you wish to insert.

Step 5: Use the formatting choices in the toolbar at the top of the screen to format the text.

How to Copy a Text Box In Google Slides

Observe these methods to copy a text box in Google Slides:

Step 1: Click on the text box you wish to copy to select it.

Step 2. Right-click on the text box you’ve chosen and choose Copy from the context menu. As an alternative, you can use Command + C on a Mac or Ctrl + C on a Windows computer.

Step 3: From the context menu, right-click on the slide and choose Paste to add the copied text box there. As an alternative, you can use Ctrl + V on a computer running Windows or Command + V on a Mac.

Step 4: Drag the copied text box to the correct spot on the slide.

Deleting A Text Box In Google Slides

The steps below can be used to delete a text field in Google Slides.

Step 1: First, click on the text box you wish to eliminate.

Step 2: On your keyboard, hit the Delete key. The text box can also be selected by right-clicking it and choosing Delete from the context menu.

Step 3: Remove the chosen text box from the slide.

Suggestions on Using Text Boxes

Here are some pointers to help you use text boxes in Google Slides more efficiently:

  • Text boxes can be resized by clicking on their edges and dragging them to the new size.
  • Change the Colour of a Text Box: To change a text box’s colour, click on it and choose Fill colour from the toolbar at the top of the screen. Select the preferred colour from the available selections.
  • Align Text Box: Select the text box and click the Arrange option in the top menu bar to align it with other items in the slide. Pick the preferred alignment option, such as Align centre or Align bottom.
  • Add Text Box Borders: Click on the text box and choose Border weight from the toolbar at the top of the screen to add a border. Select the border’s preferred weight and colour from the available options.

Finally, Text boxes are crucial for building interesting and powerful presentations in Google Slides. You can quickly add, copy, and delete text boxes in Google Slides by following the steps above. The aforementioned advice will also enable you to deal with text boxes more efficiently and make presentations that are more interesting.

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