How To Pay Water Bill Using Mobile Money In Ghana

By | April 11, 2022

Paying for your utility bill such as Water Bill Using your Mobile Money wallet In Ghana has become so easier in such that, you could sit from the comfort of your room and make payment anytime you want to have access to electricity.

Paying water bills has now gone digital as the need to walk to various offices and branches of the Ghana water company to pay bills is not a priority anymore. With just some tapping on the mobile phone, one can make the payment at ease at your comfort homes, work, or anywhere you find yourself.

With the help of mobile money in Ghana, one has the eligibility to make the payment, this is not known to many Ghanaian individuals and with the ones who know, the idea to do it or the process to proceed to it is a big case as well.

Our priority here today is to teach our viewers how to pay Water bills with mobile money such as MTN Mobile Money (MTN MoMo), AirtelTigo Money, Vodafone Cash, Zeepay Mobile Money, Glo Money, GCB G-Money and many more.

Today’s article guide shall walk you through some of the steps on How To Pay Water Bill Using Mobile Money In Ghana for 2022.

How To Pay Your Water Bill With Mobile Money In Ghana

Kindly follow the simple steps we shall provide, and pay for your water bill using any type of Mobile Money service you have now.

MTN Mobile Money

  • Dial *170#
  • Select option 2 which is the MomoPay option
  • Select option 2 again which is Pay Bill
  • Select Option 1 which is the Utilities option
  • Select Option 2 for Ghana Water
  • Enter the Meter Number you are paying the bill for
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter your mobile money pin to proceed

Vodafone Cash

  • Dial *110#
  • Choose option 4 which is Make Payment
  • Select option 1 for Bill Payment
  • Choose utilities which is option 3
  • Choose option 1 for Ghana Water
  • Enter your meter number
  • Enter amount you want to pay
  • Enter your pin to proceed

AirtelTigo Money

  • Dial *110#
  • Select option 4 which is pay bill
  • Select pay bill which is option 2
  • Select utilities which is option 3
  • Select option 3 which is Ghana water
How To Pay Water Bill In Ghana Using Mobile Money 2021 ยป Ghana Insider

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