How To Send Vodafone Credit To Another Vodafone In Ghana 2021

Just like any other network in Ghana, it is also possible to transfer airtime from your phone to another phone on Vodafone, this is a very secret task that many people do not know or even have no idea how to go about it. In other to be able to succeed in your Vodafone mobile credit transfer, you need to have the recipient number, the default password, and the transaction fee in your account. The transaction fee is just 5Gp and you can only transfer a minimum of 20GHp and the amount cannot exceed GHc50.

Follow the step below to send airtime from your phone to a loved one or family on Vodafone.

NOTE: The code to access this service is *516* and the default password is 1234

How To Send Vodafone Credit To Another Vodafone

  • Dial *516*the recipient number*0*40*1234
  • Press send
  • A confirmation message will pop up on your phone shortly after sending which requires you to confirm or cancel your command.
  • Press 1 to confirm; in case you are not sure of your command, you can press 2 to cancel if not sure or there was any error made by you.

After confirming, there will be a message alerting you that the transaction fee has been deducted and the remaining of your balance

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This is the simple and east to follow guide on How to send Vodafone credit to another Vodafone in Ghana.

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