How To Ship From Amazon to Ghana

How To Ship From Amazon to Ghana

Amazon has been one of the best online shopping companies in the world that provide better service to their buyers around the globe.

There are many Ghanaians who also buy from this online shop but how they get their products shipped to Ghana becomes a very huge problem for them.

So many people are saying that one cannot ship purchased items from Amazon to Ghana, it may be true, but it is because those saying that actually do not know how to do it.

Our main priority here is to find out how Ghanaians can also get their purchased items from Amazon shipped to Ghana.

  • First of all, you need to confirm the product details and proceed to buy, but you need to check whether the product can be shipped to Ghana or not because it is not all product at the Amazon store that can be shipped to Ghana.
  • You need to complete your Amazon profile shipping details, this is exactly where you will be receiving your product in Ghana. One option is using the P. O. Box address, another option is your residential or work address. Your contact details whether it being a phone number or anything else should also be included in other to be reached by the people delivering the product to you.
  • There is nothing free, so there is a fee in the shipping as well, your payment method should be added, according to the Amazon policy, they accept different payment method including the debit card or maybe a paypal account.
  • Make sure you verify all details correctly and have enough balance in your account to make the payment.
  • After the payment and everything goes smoothly for you, you need to track and wait to receive your product in Ghana, if you used a P. O. Box address, the need to go to the post office to check should be prioritized. In case you used your place of residence or work, wait for a phone call to receive your product.
How To Ship From Amazon to Ghana
How To Ship From Amazon to Ghana

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