How To Make Lined Paper In Google Docs

By | December 22, 2022

It may occasionally be necessary to print a paper with writing lines in “Google Docs.” Such a printed document might be required if the need arises.

In case you need to make lined paper, you don’t need to download any templates. To conduct this work, just follow these simple instructions in this post.

Google Docs Lined Paper: How to Use Table To Create It

Follow the process below to create lined paper in a google doc.
1. Open your google doc on your device
2. Sign in to your google doc and open a new document or an existing one
3. Select Insert > Table then choose only a single box (1×1).

4. Then you select all borders by clicking the triangle option.

5. Select White from the Border color menu.

6. Choose the bottom border by clicking the triangle option once more.

7. Pick Black from the Border Color menu.

8. After choosing a line, copy it and paste it across the entire page.

9. Select all lines, then go to Font Size and choose the font size you need .

10. Google Documents’ lined paper has been successfully made.

Utilizing the Underscore symbol To Make Lined Paper

1. Launch “Google Docs” and create a new blank document as the first step.

2: Start your cursor at the “Google Docs” document’s beginning.

3: Press “Google Docs” while holding down the underscore character key (Ctrl + minus sign on most keyboards) for four or five times to draw lines.

 Inserting Lines

This approach requires you to repeatedly use the “Insert” menu to add horizontal lines. The steps below will show you how to use this technique.

1. Open “Google Docs” and create a new blank document as the first step.

2: Start your cursor at the “Google Docs” document’s start. To insert a line, select the “Horizontal line” option from the “Insert” menu.

3: Repeat this procedure several times using the “Insert” menu or by repeatedly pasting the same line.

4: You can adjust the distance between the lines if necessary. To do this, first select all the lines and choose “Format” from the drop-down menu. And, choose “Line and paragraph spacing” from the menu, then, from the enlarged menu, choose “Custom spacing.”

5: Adjust the “Line spacing” value in the “Custom spacing” window to your needs, then click the blue “Apply” button.

6: Once you are satisfied with the spacing, copy and paste the current lines to create the necessary number of pages.

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