How To Make Horizontal Line Thicker In Google Docs

By | December 22, 2022

There are variety of options in Google Docs for adding a horizontal line to any page. Inserting horizontal lines is helpful for a variety of reasons, if you want to aesthetically separate the various sections of your document or simply improve the appearance of your text.

You can alter the default format for horizontal lines in Google Docs even though it is there. You can alter the fill, border color, length, and thickness of your horizontal line, among other things.

This post will concentrate on how to modify a horizontal line’s thickness in a Google Docs document.

How To Make Horizontal Line Thicker In Google Docs

Method 1

  • Choose the line, press the line weight button, and then choose 1px, 2px, etc. from the list to suit your needs if you want to adjust the line weight or thickness of the horizontal line in Google Docs.
  • You can tap on the Line dash button and then choose the desired line format if you want to alter the kind of line to a line dash.
  • By selecting the Line start and Line finish buttons, you can also add line beginnings and ends.
  • After you have finished formatting your Google Docs document, select Save and Close to store your changes and add the horizontal line.

Making Horizontal line width Thcker in Google Docs (Method2)

  • Click on the Border width dropdown and choose 0 points, 0.5 points, 1 points, etc. from the selection of alternatives based on your needs to adjust the border width or thickness of the horizontal line.
  • Then select the desired color from the list of alternatives by clicking on the Border color option.
  • You must select the Border dash option and then one of the various varieties to change the border’s style, such as a dotted line, dash line, etc.
  • When you have finished adding all the formatting options that you need, click the Apply button to save your changes to add a border or horizontal line to your Google Docs document.

How do I make the horizontal lines in Google Docs darker?

In Google Docs, you can change the color of a Horizontal Line.

  • Head to the area before the Horizontal Line (in the prior line)
  • Click on Format > Paragraph Styles > Borders and Shading.
  • Select a new border color, then click “Apply.”
  • The horizontal line’s color will be altered with this change.

How can I modify Google Docs’ horizontal margins?

Go to Page Setup by navigating. Select File > Page Setup. …
now add the margin size. Enter a margin size in the text box next to Top, Bottom, Left, and Right (under Margin).


There are various ways to change a line’s thickness in Google Docs, like there are for any others, but fundamentally it relies on how the line was made.


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