How To Login To UENR Student Portal

By | August 9, 2022

Sunyani is home to the University of Energy and Renewable Resources (UENR), a public university in Ghana.

A few humanities programs are provided at this engineering school, and one of the systems used to assist students is called the STUDENT PORTAL.

You will be guided through the steps necessary to log into the student portal for the University of Energy and Renewable Resources (UENR) in this post.

What you need for a Successful Login to your UENR student portal

Before logging in, you need the following:

  • Be a student of the University of Energy and Renewable Resources (UENR)
  • Have a computer, phone, or other devices for connecting to the internet
  • A working Internet connection is required
  • The person must possess a Student username and password

How to log in to your student account at the University of Energy and Renewable Resources (UENR)

Logging into your student account only requires a few easy steps. Please follow the steps below to log in;

  • Visit to learn more.
  • Locate students on the main menu by placing your cursor over it. When the pointer is over it, a drop-down menu appears.
  • Reposition the cursor on the student portal and select the appropriate choice from the list, such as normal, weekend, postgraduate, or results checker.
  • After that, enter your student ID and password.
  • Click on LOGIN to access your account after typing these.

How to Change or Reset a Forgotten Password
You can still access your account even if you forget your password. Simply click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page. When the window appears, enter your Index Number, and an SMS with your information will be delivered.

If You Can’t log in, Here is Who to Contact

Visit the school’s IT department for help with login concerns.

About UENR

The University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) is a publicly financed university in Ghana that was founded on December 31, 2011, by Act 830 of the Ghanaian Parliament.

The University is a publicly sponsored national institution that aims to be an epicenter of excellence in these crucial fields and to provide leadership and management of energy and natural resources.

The university approaches its programs and research with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration and consideration of fields including economics, law and policy, management, science, technology, and engineering, as well as social and political issues influencing energy and natural resources.

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