How To Login To University Of Ghana Student Portal

By | August 9, 2022

The University of Ghana sometimes referred to as Legon, is one of the largest universities in Africa and Ghana.

Since it was the first university created in Ghana, it serves an enormous number of students by employing an online system thanks to developments in technology.

The website is completely free to use if you are a current student at the institution and is known among students as the STUDENT PORTAL. In this article, we’ll look at how to access the student portal for the University of Ghana.

About the University of Ghana student portal

The University of Ghana student portal was developed by the competent University Information Technology Services (ITS) department. The student portal is a platform that seeks to improve life for students at the University of Ghana. The platform offers some cute features and is simple to use.

Things you can do on the University of Ghana student portal

Students of the esteemed university are the only ones who are permitted to utilize the University of Ghana student portal. You are only permitted to use the site if you are a student. You will require the following to access the University of Ghana student site once you have become a student:

Your student username and password
An internet connecting device
An internet connection

How to log in to the University of Ghana student portal

It takes only a few minutes to log into the student portal of the University of Ghana. If you want to sign in to the University of Ghana student portal, do the following:

Visit the URL,
Open visiting the platform, you will be required to input your student username and password
After inputting these details, go ahead and click on the button to get logged in

What to do when you forget your password

Forgetting your password can get you freaked out, however, that should not be the case. Find the Forgot your password? link on the sign-in page. Click on it, type in your student ID, and then select Continue to finish the process of changing your password. If you were unable to change your password for any other reason, go to the Information Technology Services (ITS) division and they will help you out.

About University of Ghana

Previously, it was known as the  University College of the Gold Coast and it was established in 1948 in the British colony of the Gold Coast. At the time, it was an affiliated college of the University of London, which oversaw its academic programs and conferred degrees.

The college was renamed the University College of Ghana after Ghana gained independence in 1957. In 1961, when it was granted full university status, it changed its name once more to the University of Ghana.

The University of Ghana, which has several schools, institutions, colleges, and departments with more than 40,000 registered students, is located on the western slope of the Accra Legon Hills, northeast of the city center.

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