How To Login To HTU Student Portal

By | August 9, 2022

Some of Ghana’s greatest technical university graduates are produced by the Ho Technical University (HTU), which is located in Ho, the capital of the Volta Region.

This post will teach you how to successfully log into your Ho Technical University student portal.

What is Required for a Successful Login?

You require the following prior to login in:

Be a student of the prestigious Ho Technical University
Have your student index number and password
Have an internet connecting device as well as internet connectivity

About the Ho Technical University student portal

The portal was developed to give students of HTU to have a smooth ride in accessing all academic materials. The Ho Technical University (HTU) student portal is easily accessible and easy to use.

How to login to HTU student portal

Visit the URL,
When it finally opens, proceed to input your student index number and student password
Proceed to click on the login button

NB: You can tick the remember me box if the device is yours in order to prevent manually inputting your credentials upon your next visit.

How to Change Your HTU Password or Reset It

There is a Forgot Details? tab on the login page, and when you click on it, you will be asked to enter some information in order to regain your forgotten details.

Who to contact if you are unable to log in

Visit the IT department of the school if you’re having problems logging in. Additionally, there is a chat system and you can use it by clicking on the ‘Need help? Chat now!’ tab on the log-in page or just visit the URL,

About Ho Technical University (HTU)

Ghana’s Volta Region is home to Ho Technical University, formerly known as Ho Polytechnic. With a focus on delivering pre-technical education, the Polytechnic was founded in 1968 as a technical institute. The Institute advanced significantly and upgraded its programs by 1972.

The institution received a Polytechnic upgrading in 1986. But it wasn’t until 1993 that it received full legal support (Polytechnic Law 321) to become a full-fledged tertiary institution with the duty of educating students for the Higher National Diploma (HND) and Degree Levels.

The university offers Non-Tertiary Programs, Higher National Diploma (HND), Master of Technology (MTech), and Bachelor of Technology (BTech) Programs.

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) offers sandwich-based Master of Technology (MTech) programs. It takes place over the course of two academic years.

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