How To Login To BVN Registration Portal

By | August 26, 2022

Many users have trouble accessing the BVN Registration portal or may not be aware there is a registration portal for BVN somewhere.

After successful registration, users of the BVN Registration portal could access their accounts in their dashboards. The BVN Registration portal is there to make things easier like logging in and checking your dashboard.

In this guide, we will be looking at how to log in to BVN Registration Portal.

BVN Registration

  • Log-on to Online Integrated Solutions (OIS) or VFS Global website
  • Select Location
  • Click on the BVN ENROLMENT TAB
  • Read BVN Enrolment Instruction
  • Download BVN enrolment form
  • Book BVN Biometric Capturing Appointment
  • Print Appointment Booking Slip
  • Visit BVN Enrolment Center on the Appointed Date with Enrolment Requirement.

Keep in mind that you must confirm your email after signing up. You won’t be able to use the BVN Registration portal if you don’t verify your email during registration. You will get a verification email, so check it. Open it, then click the email’s link.

How To Login To BVN Registration Login Portal

  • After you follow the process above to register on the BVN portal,l you will be given a unique username and password you will use to access your account.
  • Visit the BVN Registration login portal here.
  • Click the Login button on the homepage.
  • Enter your Username, (email or phone number)
  • Enter your password
  • Select Log in 

When the BVN Registration checks your details and everything is right, you will be directed into your account dashboard.

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