How To Insert A Video In Google Docs

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There are a variety of instances in which you might need to embed a video in a Google Docs document, and you may run into some challenges.

To increase interest in the subject of your work, you can use interactive elements like videos. If you’re not sure how to add videos to Google Docs, see the guide below for more information.

How to Add a YouTube Video Link to a Google Docs Document

Some link types will be instantly recognized by Google Docs, which will then offer various ways to engage with them. For example, Docs will let you mouse over a YouTube link and start the video playing immediately.

This provides an easy way to include videos in your Google Docs project. The video can even be viewed without leaving the page because Google Docs allows you to preview it in the lower-right corner of the page.

The following steps shows you can add a youtube video link in google doc.

  • Copy the URL from the address bar on the YouTube website.
  • launch a current Google Docs document or start a new one.
  • Put your flickering cursor where you wish to add the video link in the document.
  • Click Edit > Paste in the menu bar to paste the URL, or use your keyboard’s Ctrl + V or Command + V paste shortcuts.
  • The URL can either remain the same or be modified to show the video title and the YouTube logo (referred to as smart chip). Hit the Tab key shortly after to complete this.
  • Instead, you can hover over the pasted URL by pressing the spacebar to make it an active hyperlink.
  • Choose Chip in the Replace URL field at the bottom of the pop-up that apperars.
  • Click the “Open Preview” button to start the video. The video will instantly start playing when it appears in the bottom right corner.

Inserting Video With The Drawing Tool From Google Slides

Using Google Slides along with the drawing tool is another method for adding a video to Google Docs. This technique works effectively if you want to insert video with the drawing tool from Google slides.

  • Go to Google Slides and select the Insert > Video option in the menu to add the video to a slide. 
  • To find your video, click the “Search,” “By URL,” or “Google Drive” tabs. then insert it by clicking “Select.”
  • Copy the video when it shows on the slide. The “Copy” option in the context menu of the right-clicking menu or the Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C can be used to accomplish this.
  • Go back to your Google Docs work and add a drawing by selecting Insert > Drawing > New from the menu.
  • Copy the video from your clipboard and paste it into the Drawing window. Use the hotkey Ctrl+V on a computer running Windows or Command+V on a Mac, or right-click and choose “Paste.”
  • Click “Save and Close” when the video shows in the Drawing window.

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