How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Desktop

By | July 15, 2020

Looking for a way to enable dark mode on Facebook Desktop is one of the prior reasons why you have landed on this passionate tech journal in Ghana.

Sometimes, the bright white space of Facebook’s interface can cause a major problem to your eye — by straining your visions after using the platform for long hours of browsing.

Enabling the Facebook dark mode on your desktop helps give break to your eyes to stay safer.

It’s time to change to the new Facebook Dark mode interface by activating this in setting on Facebook.

How to enable Facebook Dark Mode

  • Go to in any desktop browser
  • Log in to your account
  • Enable the new Facebook Desktop interface
  • After enabling the new Facebook interface, click on the down arrow at the right corner
  • Now, turn on the “Dark Mode” option to activate the setting

How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Desktop

Note: Anytime you willing to revert to the Light Mode, then you can just turn off Dark Mode by following these same procedures above.


In summary, it is always nice to have a dark mode to make browsing interesting by reducing the brightness produced by the white mode that strains your vision. Enable this today and keep your brighter eye for the future. How To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook Desktop.

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I have given you more about how to enable dark mode on Facebook and hope to bring you how to enable dark mode on all applications also.

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