How To Download Movies From Netflix

By | August 29, 2022

The most widely used video streaming service is still Netflix. However, despite how handy streaming over the internet is, there are instances when you need to watch movies offline—download TV episodes and films from the Netflix app to view them whenever you want.

However, only a few tablets, like the iPad, and smartphones can download Netflix movies. They are not available for download to video gaming consoles, televisions, or computers. The most recent Netflix app for your device is required in order to download content from Netflix.

Learn more about where to find, how to download, and how to view movies in this article.

Which Devices Support Downloaded Content From Netflix?

Netflix offers iOS and Android apps that allow you to download movies and TV episodes. The Netflix Windows 10 app for tablets, the Amazon Fire tablet app, and even select Chromebook and Chromebox devices with the Android app all allow you to accomplish the same thing.

How Can I Download Movies and Shows From Netflix?

  • Firstly, find the TV show or movie you want to download by opening the Netflix app and tapping it to see its information page. Also, when downloading a program, make sure to locate the desired episode.
  • Then the download button, which resembles a downward-pointing arrow, should be touched.
  • The button will alter to show that downloading is occurring.
  • A TV series often has a different download button for each episode, whereas movies usually have a single download button.

How To Watch A Movie You Have Downloaded On The Netflix App

It requires no further effort to watch a movie that has been downloaded to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Simply go back to the movie or TV show you want to watch and press it to begin playing.

Tap Downloads at the bottom of the screen to get a list of all the downloaded TV series and movies that are currently on your device if you aren’t connected to the internet and are unable to load the show or movie’s website.

You may also tap on “Downloads” at the bottom of the page to get a list of all downloaded movies and TV series that are currently saved on your mobile device.

How To Delete Downloaded Movies From Netflix

You’ll ultimately want to get rid of downloaded movies, whether you’ve already watched them or just want to create a place for other items. Depending on how much stuff you wish to erase at once, there are two options.

Deleting a single movie

Through the My Downloads menu, you may eliminate a single movie. Simply press the Pen symbol in the app on iOS or Android to choose the movie or movies you want to remove.

Simply open the title in Windows 10 and choose the Delete Download option by clicking on the Downloaded icon. Additionally, you may select the files to remove by clicking on the Pencil Edit button.

Deleting all movies

Go to the Downloads page and press the pencil symbol in the top-right to remove all of your downloaded videos simultaneously. If you want to delete a title, on an iPhone or iPad, press the red X icon next to it. If you want to delete a title on an Android device, select it and tap the trashcan icon in the top-right corner.

How To Download Movies From Netflix To Laptop

  • Download and install the Netflix app on your laptop.
  • Launch the Netflix app.
  • To access the menu, click the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner.
  • Then scroll down to Available for Download.
  • Select the movie or TV show you want to download after perusing the listings.
  • Click the Download icon.
  • After the download is finished, pick My Downloads by clicking the Menu button once more.
  • Your TV program or movie should be listed there. To start playing, click on it.

How Do I Watch Netflix Offline?

With an offline connection, you may watch anything that is listed under the My Downloads page. It’s advised that you continue to be logged into the Netflix app in order to guarantee that you can view this without a Wi-Fi connection. You can only access the My Downloads tab when offline.

Can I Download Netflix Movies On My MacBook?

Since there isn’t a Netflix software for Mac, it is unfortunate that Netflix does not enable downloading movies and TV series for offline watching on Mac. Your only choices are to use Boot Camp to install Windows 10 on your Mac or AirPlay to stream Netflix from an iPad or other iOS device.

How To Download Netflix Content To Your MicroSD Card Or USB-C Storage

You can now download content on an SD card if your phone or tablet supports it. If your device has a built-in microSD card slot, you may also use USB-based storage in addition to the additional SD card storage capacity.

How to change your download location

  • Open the Netflix app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • In the top left corner of the screen, tap the Menu symbol.
  • Down a little to App Settings.
  • In the Downloads area, look for the Download Location option.
  • Choose Download Location, then choose SD Card.

You may now download content to your phone or tablet normally after changing the download location. Open the menu and choose the Available for Download option to locate Netflix material that can be downloaded. Tap the downward-pointing arrow when you discover something you like to download to your smartphone.

How To Download Netflix Movies Without Netflix App

You may get free recorders online that let you download Netflix videos. However, if video quality and subtitles are more important to you, FlixiCam is the finest app to use. You must download the FlixiCam program first before getting started.

  • Activate FlixiCam and connect to Netflix by typing any terms into the search bar to see the login window.
  • The second step is to access the General Setting windows by selecting the Gear symbol in the upper-right corner, where you may change the output parameters such as output quality, output route, and morse code.
  • Then enter the video’s name or the link copied from Netflix’s online player into the search box, and the application will offer the video or all related videos for download.
  • The application will begin downloading the Netflix videos after you click the Download button. Once downloaded, you may access the Netflix videos on your local disk by clicking Library.


Throughout this article, we have shown where to find, how to download, and how to view movies on Netflix.

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