How To Download MacOS Mojave

By | February 3, 2023

There are so many reasons why you might want to download MacOS Mojave. No matter your reason for searching for the Mojave installer, trust me to provide all the information on where to download it.

MacOS Mojave is the fifteenth of Apple’s major operating system releases. It was released on September 24, 2018, and has since been used by many Mac users.

Before Mojave, there was High Sierra where all High Sierra users could update their operating system using the Mojave installer from the Apple Appstore. Since the installation can only be downloaded from the Appstore, it is difficult for most people to download it.

By the time you finish reading this article, you should be able to know how to download MacOS Mojave with or without the Apple Appstore.

How to download MacOS Mojave

There are many ways you can download MacOS Mojave if your Mac has no operating system installed yet. For now, let us quickly look at how to download it if you have a macOS installed.

If you are already running a different version of MacOS, then simply head to the Apple download link.

Click on the Mojave link from the list of available links to open the Apple Appstore link for Mojave.

How To Download MacOS Mojave

The link will open the Apple Appstore. Click on the “Get” button to start downloading the Mojave installer.

If the download finish, check the download folder to find your Mojave installer.

What if you don’t have MacOS?

Unfortunately, the Mojave installer from the Apple website is only available in the Apple Appstore. Only Mac users can access the link to the Appstore so you will need a MacOS to be able to download it.

If you do not have MacOS, do not worry. There are still ways you can go around this.

1. Download from a friend

You can download the Mojave installer from a friend who has MacOS installed. After the download, you can create the bootable to install on your own Mac. It might sound simple but it definitely isn’t if you are the only person about to use Mac.

If you do not know any friend that has Mac, then try step 2.

2. Download after OS recovery

Macs can directly install the stock operating system of your Macbook over the internet. Yes, you can just connect to the internet and let it download and install MacOS and install on your new Mac.

Simply turn on your Mac while holding the “Option + Shift + Command + R ” to boot into internet recovery mode.

From the boot screen, connect to WiFi and start the installation process.

This process will install the stock MacOS that came with your Mac so might get a lower version of MacOS installed using this method.

After installing, simply follow the very first process to get to the Mojave installer in the Apple App Store.

After downloading the installer, launch it directly from the downloads folder to upgrade your current operating system to Mojave.

Follow through to upgrade your operating system to Mojave.


Why can’t I find MacOS Mojave in the App Store?

You probably could not find the Mojave update from the App Store because of specific preference settings. Make sure you enable automatic updates for the Appstore in the preference settings.

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