How To Download High Sierra

By | February 15, 2023

To download High Sierra without a Mac OS is one of the serious struggles if you have your existing Mac OS bricked. I have been there before and I can tell how difficult it is to download Mac OS High Sierra without an existing Mac OS.

Earlier I wrote about how to download MacOS Mojave. This particular tutorial will also follow a similar trend. However, there is a different twist to downloading High Sierra compared to the Mojave.

Most Mac computers support MacOS High Sierra. In fact, any Mac computer that is from 2009 and later can run Mac OS, High Sierra. It was the Mac OS 10.13 which was released after Sierra and before Mojave.

If for some reason your Mac operating system is not booting and you want to download a new one to run on your Mac, there is a way to make it easier. There are so many ways you can even do that.

I don’t want to take much of your time so let us just go straight into it.

Download High Sierra without Macbook

You can actually download a MacOS without a working Macbook. It means that if your Macbook is not working you can actually use a random Windows operating system to fix it.

I usually do not recommend downloading Mac OS installers from other websites besides the official Apple Website but that is what we will be doing.

Note that this is supposed to be for only educational purposes and will not be held responsible for any unexpected outcome.

For this tutorial, you will need the following items:

  • Computer running Windows operating system
  • USB Pendrive 8 GB or more
  • Download TransMac by

If you have the above tools then you have to follow the procedures below to finish setting up everything.

  • Search on Google for “High Sierra dmg file”.
  • You will not be able to download it from the official Apple website so go to the next available websites and download the image file.
  • After downloading the image file onto your Windows computer, install TransMac.
  • Connect your Pen drive and use TransMac to restore your High Sierra installer to your drive.
  • Connect the USB driver to your Mac computer and boot using the Options key.
  • Select Mac OS High Sierra on the boot screen to install.

That is it. You have successfully installed Mac OS High Sierra without an existing Mac OS installation.

Download from Apple App Store

You can actually download High Sierra from the Apple App Store. However, you can only access the App Store on a Mac OS. In this case, if you do not have a Mac OS but you have a Mac computer, then you can follow the procedure below.

This procedure will help if you don’t want to download High Sierra from other websites. There are other Mac OS version installers you can download from the Apple website.

Since your computer can run High Sierra 10.13, it means you can also run Sierra 10.12. So head to the Apple website and download Sierra 10.12.

Use TransMac to recover the Mac OS X Sierra installer to your USB drive.

Install the Mac OS X Sierra on your Mac computer.

After the installation has been completed, use the Apple App Store to upgrade Mac OS X Sierra to Mac OS X High Sierra.

You should also note that upgrading requires that you download the High Sierra installer from the Apple App Store. After you have downloaded it, you can either install it right away from your download folder or you can create a bootable USB drive and do a clean install.

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