How To Double Underline In Google Docs

By | December 9, 2022

Google Docs offer effective text formatting features. The goal of the software’s ongoing design updates is to encourage more people to utilize Google Docs. For this reason, editing and formatting tools give users a useful style.

Various formatting options are available in Google Docs, These options aid in making the document visually appealing. In this post, we will be looking at how to double underline in google docs.

Why is double-underlining employed?

Instead of underlining, double underlining emphasizes how important the text is in the paper to reflect the reason. 

How to double underline text in Google Docs by utilizing an equation box

  • After you have opened your Google document file, Go to Insert
  • Out of the list that appears, pick Equation.
  • Enter “underline” in the equation box and press the spacebar. You’ll see that only one line was produced.
  • Repetition is required. Hit the spacebar after typing “underline” once more.

There is now a double horizontal line created where you can write any thing over the double line.

How to use the Drawing tool to double underline In Gooogle Docs

The Drawing tool is an option in Google Docs that can be used for a variety of tasks. It can also be used to add components that draw attention to specific parts of the content. The methods to double underline using the Drawing tool  are highlighted below.

  • Launch Google Docs. Put the cursor in the next line after entering the text to be double-underlined.
  • Click New under Drawing in the Insert menu.
  • The message box for drawing appears. Choose the Line option by clicking the Select Line item in the menu.
  • Hit Save and Close after drawing a line to get back to the home screen.
  • Hit Save and Close after drawing a line to get back to the home screen. The line in which the cursor is located is shown underneath the text. Select the line and choose Image settings  (illustrated as a vertical dotted line). In the Image Options, choose Size & Rotation.
  • The menu for image choices is visible in the top right corner of the page. Click Size& Rotation to modify the size of the line. Decrease the width in accordance with the document’s text. Close the Image choices menu.
  • Hit Edit in the menu after selecting the line. The dialog box for drawing appears.
  • Head to Actions and select Copy after selecting the line. Paste the line by selecting Actions -> click Paste.
  • Position the line in the same spot underneath the original line. In order to return to the document, click Save and Close.
  • In the document, the content is shown with double underlining. To position the line behind the text, select the line and choose that option.
  • Select Image choices after clicking the line (shown as a vertical dotted line). Choose Every Image Option. The menu for image choices is visible in the top right corner of the page. To change the distance between the lines, click Position. To fix the line’s location, click either the Move with text or Fix position on page boxes. To modify the line, modify the y axis.
  • The double-underlined text is now visible in the document.

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