How To Hide Comments In Google Docs

Sharing your work with people while it’s still in process is one of Google Docs’ more intriguing capabilities. Outsiders can really add their ideas and queries right into the work process by receiving specific rights.

Only those who are authorized to do so can add, remove, or approve comments on a Google Docs document. It should be possible for a user to complete these steps if they have been granted “commenter” or “editor” access to a Google Docs document.

Hiding comments in Google Docs

You can alter how you read a document, but you can’t truly entirely conceal or delete comments from it. Finding the view drop-down menu and then the mode option in the Google Doc toolbar will allow you to modify the document’s view. Three options are available in this: editing, suggesting, and viewing.

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How to add comments in Google Docs

There are several ways to add common comments to your Google doc. Among the options, there is one where you will see two tiny, blue and green symbols when you highlight a piece of a document to comment on. The blue comment-adding icon must be clicked if you want to add a comment.

In Google Docs, how to Remove Comments or Suggestions

Although making a comment or a suggestion is a valuable approach to get honest  response, you might not concur with what is said in the comments. You can get rid of them if you desire to.

Acknowledging comments allows you to delete them one at a time. By doing this, the comment will be recognized but hidden.

Nevertheless, you may delete a comment without responding to it by clicking the three-dot menu icon in a comment field. To remove the remark, choose “Delete” from the drop-down menu.

Comment Editing in Google Docs

The ability to modify comments can be used to clarify answers, pose follow-up queries, or update earlier comments to take into account new details. Find the three dots in the corner of the comment box when one is present in the document and click it. A pop-up menu with the choices to edit, remove, or link to this comment will be displayed to you.

  • You can amend the comment by clicking edit.
  • You can erase your remark by clicking that button.
  • You can copy and share the link address that appears when you click the link to this comment.
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How to make resolved comments visible in Google Docs

A comment will be added to the comment history once it has been responded to or addressed. You should open the comment history box in order to display a resolved comment. Two strategies exist for doing this.

  • The chat bubble icon in black and white can be found in the Google document’s upper right corner. It is a short distance from the blue Share button. You may view all the comments that have been resolved by clicking it.
  • You may also open the comment history by pressing command+option+shift+A. You get the exact same view with either choice.

The selection of language, the arrangement of images, and other style components can all be influenced by resolved comments.

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