How to Do Vodafone Bundle

By | August 30, 2022

On Vodafone, there are a lot of bundles and each bundle has its own specific way through which you can subscribe to.

Seeking to know more about Vodafone bundles, then you are at the right place as we will be taking a look at how to bundle on Vodafone.

This article will cover everything you need to know about Vodafone bundles – the packages, prices as well how long these bundles take to expire.

How to do Vodafone Bundle

As mentioned earlier, there are several bundles on Vodafone. Below are the names of these bundles and how you can subscribe to them;

Monthly Bundles – These bundles are valid for thirty days and cost between GHC 100 and GHC 400. To subscribe, dial *700#.

Hourly Bundles – These are one-hour bundles that come in two varieties: Streamer Hour (500MB for GHC 1) and Downloader Hour (500MB for GHC 2). (Obtain 2GB for GHC 2). To subscribe, dial *700#.

Night King Bundles – This bundle is associated with two packages: Night King 1 (which provides 6GB of data for GHC 2 but is only valid from 12 am to 5 am and expires) and Night King 2. (Get 9GB data for GHC 3 and use it between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m.; it does not expire, but you can only use it at midnight). Dial *700# to subscribe.

Value Packages – There are three types of value packages, each with its own data allocation and price. The prices are GHC 20 for 7.5GB valid for five days, GHC 3 for 1GB valid for two days, and GHC 5 for 1.1GB valid for three days. If you’re interested in these bundles, dial *700# to sign up.

BOSSU Bundles – The BOSSU bundles can be purchased between GHC 0.5 and GHC 43.50. By dialing *5588#, you can subscribe to this bundle.

Vodafone Cash Special Bundles – These bundles can also be purchased using Vodafone cash. Be assured that you will pay GHC 2.25 for 350MB, GHC 2.50 for 450MB, and GHC 3.5 for 1.5GB. All bundles have a 24-hour expiration date. Dial *110#, select option three, and then follow the prompts to sign up for this bundle.

Vodafone 2 Mooch Bundles – There are several of these bundles and if you want to subscribe, all you do is just dial *700#.

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