How to Bundle On MTN Ghana

There are numerous bundles available on MTN, each with its own unique method of subscription. If you want to learn more about MTN bundles, you’ve come to the right place because we’ll be looking at how to bundle on MTN.

This article will cover everything you need to know about MTN bundles, including the packages, prices, and how long these bundles last.

How to Bundle On MTN

MTN offers a variety of bundles, as previously stated. The names of these bundles and how to subscribe to them are listed below;

MTN Zone Bundles are valid for 24 hours and come in three sizes: GHC 2.99 for 1GB, GHC 3.99 for 2GB, and GHC 5.99 for 5GB. Dial *135# to purchase these bundles.

MTN Turbonet Bundles – These are MTN Turbonet router bundles. GHC 43 for 5.14GB, GHC 87 for 10.27GB, GHC 253 for 108.23GB, and GHC 516 for 410.93GB are the prices. Dial *5057# to purchase these packages. This bundle is also non-expiring, so you only have to top it up when it runs out.

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MTN Midnight Bundles – MTN midnight bundles are valid between 12 a.m. and 5 a.m. GHC 1 gets you 2.79GB, GHC 2.99 gets you 8.5GB, and GHC 5 gets you 5.33GB, and if you want to get this bundle, dial *138# to purchase these bundles.

MTN Kokrokoo Bundles – Valid between 4 a.m. and 8 a.m, and the amazing thing about this bundle is that you only pay GHC 1.09. You get 400MB and 20 minutes of talk time when you subscribe. Dial *138# to purchase these bundles.

MTN social media bundles – As the name suggests, these bundles are used to access various social media accounts. The MTN social media bundles have no date of expiry and their costs are GHC 1 for 94MB, GHC 5 for 471MB, and GHC 10 for 943MB. Dial *138# to purchase these bundles.

MTN Basic Bundles – These bundles are available for as little as GHC 0.5 and as much as GHC 399. By paying an amount between the two amounts, you will get data ranging from 23MB to 250GB. If you would like to get this bundle, dial *138# and you have to keep in mind that these bundles never expire.

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