How To Create A Good Business Pitch Deck

By | April 4, 2023

You may have probably thought about setting up a business from the ground up and growing it to the level you desire to make it reach. In every startup, you need some pointers on how you are supposed to go about things in order to make the business a success including how to create the business pitch.

A business pitch is what?

A business pitch is the presenting of a business concept to a group of potential investors or partners. The main ideas of your company plan, the goods and services you offer, high-level financial estimates, and capital requirements should all be covered. Your pitch deck will largely be utilized as a tool to communicate the narrative of your company, yet it ought to function effectively by itself as a visual document.

You could pitch to:

  • Investors who are willing to assist to fund your idea
  • Investors who are willing to assist to fund your idea
  • Advocates who will back your proposal

Creating a good business pitch deck is essential for any entrepreneur who wants to present their idea effectively to potential investors or partners. Here are some tips on how to create a great pitch deck.

Start with a compelling introduction:

Your introduction should be engaging and grab the attention of your audience right away. You can use a shocking statistic, a personal story, or a witty quote to start.

Clearly define the problem you are solving

Your pitch should clearly explain the problem that your business is solving. This will help your audience understand the value proposition of your product or service. As you might already be aware, timing is key in business, so being in the correct historical moment is what counts most. The major reason for a startup’s failure can be that it entered the market too soon or too late. Avoid saying things like “you are the only one doing this,” “you are the obvious leader,” etc.

Introduce your solution

After defining the problem, introduce your solution. Explain exactly how your product or service solves the problem you have identified.

Discuss your market opportunity

Investors want to know that there is a significant market opportunity for your product or service. Describe the size of the market and the potential for growth.

Highlight your competitive advantages

Demonstrate why your product or service is better than existing solutions in the market. Focus on the unique features or benefits that make it stand out.

Present an overview of your business model

Describe how your business generates revenue and show how it can be scaled to become profitable.

Provide a brief history of your company

Give a brief overview of the history of your company, including key milestones and accomplishments.

Showcase your team

Investors want to know that your team has the skills and experience needed to execute your business plan successfully. Introduce your team members and highlight their skills and qualifications. The leadership team’s members should just be briefly described on the team slide for the greatest results (preferably┬ácofounders). Mention the two or three accomplishments from each member in bullet points. Preferably, they would be connected to the business that is looking for funding.

Discuss your financials

Investors will want to see projections for revenue, expenses, and cash flow. Be realistic and transparent about your financials. Investors frequently encounter “hockey stick” estimates, so they will subconsciously halve your projections. It is really helpful if you can justify your growth in terms of the traction you have at present or in comparison to a business in a comparable sector.

End with a strong call to action

End your pitch with a clear call to action. Ask your audience to invest in your business, set up a meeting, or take another specific action.


A good pitch deck should be clear, concise, and engaging. It should effectively communicate the problem you are solving, your solution, and the value proposition of your product or service. By following these tips, you can create a pitch deck that will capture the attention of potential investors and partners.

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