How to Clean Charging Port on iPhone

By | September 14, 2022

Have you recently noticed that your iPhone has stopped charging? Defragment the charging port if possible. A filthy charging port may be the cause of your iPhone’s inability to charge when using a Lightning connection.

Your iPhone’s Lightning port or the cable itself may be the issue if you try to enter a Lightning cable and the connection is shaky, disconnects when you tap the cable or phone lightly, or won’t go in all the way.

In this post, we will teach you how to clean the charging port on iPhone.

How can I clean my iPhone charging port?

Try compressed air

The best way to clean an iPhone charging port is using compressed air, so experts advise attempting this approach first.

  • By heading to Settings > General > Shut Down, you may turn off your iPhone.
  • To avoid sticking the nozzle in the port or holding it too near to the port, hold the compressed air can upright and direct it towards the port.
  • Spray air briefly and lightly by depressing the nozzle.
  • After the final burst, wait a few seconds before reinstalling the Lightning connection in the port.
  • Check to check whether your phone will charge by turning it back on.

Try cotton or paper

Try carefully digging the dirt out using a toothpick, cotton swab, or piece of paper if your iPhone still won’t charge. This procedure is straightforward and it has a small amount of danger due to the possibility of damaging the delicate touch points inside the port. Don’t be overly forceful, he advises. Even if you knock any dirt loose and then shake your phone later, try to locate areas where the dirt may have amassed and remove it.

  • Go to Settings > General > Shut Down on your iPhone to turn it off.
  • Grab a tiny toothpick, or shape a piece of paper or cotton into a tiny tip.
  • To remove dirt or debris, cautiously wiggle the tip as you enter it into the port.
  • To assist in clearing out anything you’ve managed to loosen, give the port one more blast of compressed air.
  • Put the Lightning connection back in the port and restart the phone.

You can clean your port and resume charging using these two methods, most likely. Make a Genius Bar appointment with Apple if your iPhone still won’t charge or if you want assistance from a trained technician.

How to Dry Out Your Charging Port

Place your iPhone somewhere tidy, dry, and with good airflow. Apple states that it might take up to 24 hours for your iPhone to dry completely. Use of an external heat source, compressed air, or a bag of rice to dry your iPhone might harm it permanently.

How to Get Water Out of Your Charging Port

An indication that there is liquid detected in the Lightning connector or cable may appear when you plug in your iPhone to charge. The Lightning port and cord must be dry before charging can resume.

Apple advises turning off all cords and accessories and tapping your iPhone lightly against your hand with the Lightning connector facing down in order to get liquid out of the charging port.

How to Clean an iPhone Charging Port with a Toothbrush

  • Examine the charging port using a flashlight. We advise using a flashlight on the charging port to clearly observe all of the possible debris.
  • Leave your phone off. Holding down the Power button and one of the Volume buttons at the same time will do this on an iPhone X, 11, 12, or 13. To use an iPhone of a generation older than an iPhone X, just depress the Power button. Your phone should now display a fresh screen. Tap and hold the white circle at the top of your screen, then swipe your finger to the right to slide the “slide to power off” button.
  • Purchase a new or anti-static toothbrush. A toothbrush that is anti-static will reduce the static electricity produced as you brush, making it especially safe to use with your iPhone. You may also use a fresh, clean toothbrush if you don’t have access to one else.
  • Brush away any trash gently. To clean the charging port of any dirt, carefully run the toothbrush head along the bristles. Use the tip or corner of the bristles to reach inside the charging port if you see any particles farther within.

Can I Clean my Charging Port with Rubbing Alcohol?

No, you shouldn’t use rubbing alcohol to clean the charging port on your iPhone. If using a toothpick or compressed air to clear out the charging port didn’t solve your issue, the port is probably already broken.

Alcohol cleaning could really make things worse. For guidance or repairs, you should take your phone to an Apple shop.

How Do I know If my Charger Port needs to be repaired?

If you’re unsure if your iPhone’s charging port is broken or simply filthy, look out for these indicators:

  • If you have to hold your phone at a specific angle for it to charge, your charging port is broken.
  • The port is probably damaged if you’ve cleaned the charging port but the phone still won’t charge.
  • If you’ve cleaned the port, tried other chargers, and still, nothing works, your charging port is probably broken.

Signs Your Phone’s Charging Port is Damaged or Broken

Loose Phone Charger Port

Your phone’s charging port may have become loose if you have to hold it at a specific angle for it to charge properly. As continuing usage in this state is likely to result in more damage, this will need to be fixed as soon as possible.

Debris in Phone Charger Port

Efficiency will be hampered by debris in the charging port. By shining a light over the area, you may determine whether any visible dirt is interfering with your charging port. If there is, slowly pry the dirt free with a paper clip. Apple lightning charger cables are highly recommended for iPhone users due to their exceptional endurance.


A filthy charging port may be the cause of your iPhone’s inability to charge when using a Lightning connection. In this article, we have shown some of the ways you can use to clean the charging port on an iPhone.

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