How to Add Printer to iMac

By | September 14, 2022

The sole need to print documents on an iMac is the presence of a printer. It only takes a few easy steps to add a printer to an iMac.  

The majority of printer types can be attached to a Mac and properly configured for AirPrint. The benefit of this is that you may use Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or even a traditional USB cord to connect to the printers without having to download any drivers for each individual printer.

The necessary macOS software is automatically installed when you connect your Mac to a printer that doesn’t support AirPrint. Depending on the type of printer you have, different connection specifications apply.

Reading this tutorial and the instructions supplemented with your specific printer model will teach you how to set up a printer on a Mac and carry out the printing.

How do I Add a Printer to an iMac via Wi-Fi?

Try establishing a Wi-Fi connection if you have a wireless printer. Connecting your printer to Wi-Fi is the most challenging part of setting up a wireless printer on a Mac. Sometimes, all it takes is pressing two buttons. Occasionally, it takes a little more work; it all depends on the printer and router you use.

Below are the steps to follow;

  • Select “Wi-Fi” on your printer.
  • Put pressure on your router’s WPS button.
  • If it didn’t work, follow the directions in the manuals for your router and printer.

Ensure that your printer is connected to the same wireless network as your Mac. Install the printer on the Mac when they are both connected:

  • Select Printers & Scanners from System Preferences.
  • To add your printer, select the + sign.
  • From the list, choose the printer.
  • If your printer is AirPrint-capable and you see AirPrint next to Use, simply click Add to connect it.
  • Choose your printer > Add > download printer drivers from Apple servers if your printer doesn’t support AirPrint. The drivers ought to download it on their own.

How to Add a Printer with an IP Address

Manually entering a printer’s IP address is another approach to adding it. If the printer isn’t discoverable for whatever reason, this is an excellent fallback alternative. Each printer has a different method for locating the IP address, but you should be able to do it by looking through the menu selections.

Go to “Printers & Scanners” and click the plus symbol to add a new printer after you’ve located your IP address. Click the globe symbol in the center of the window’s top border to put your IP address where it reads “Address.” Next, select “Add.”

How to Add a Printer with a USB Cable

You can always fall back on reliable hardware if the printer in issue lacks WiFi. With the use of a USB connection, join the printer to your computer. The printer should instantly appear in the list of connected printers when you plug in the USB cord, or it should prompt you to install the new printer software. To finish the installation, click “Install” and then proceed as directed.

How to Add a Bluetooth Printer to an iMac

  • Verify the Bluetooth connection on your printer.
  • On your Mac, choose the Bluetooth button from the menu at the top of the screen to enable Bluetooth.
  • Turn on your printer so that it is ready to use.
  • Go to Apple Menu System Preferences Printers and Scanners on a Mac.
  • Under the list of devices on the left, click the + sign.
  • Pick your printing device from the available options on the Default page.

The drivers for this printer may not have been automatically loaded over Bluetooth if it is not visible in the list. You will need to manually obtain them in this situation, after which you will need to connect a Bluetooth printer once again.

How to Add a Printer to an iMac via WPS

  • Activate both the printer and the PC.
  • Simply click the Wi-Fi button on your printer.
  • Press the WPS button on your Wi-Fi router.
  • Check to see if the printer is connected to the internet. Depending on the type of each printer, you may verify this via the display or the network data on the printer parameters text. Additionally, you’ll observe that the Wi-Fi indicator stops flashing.
  • Following that, connect your printer to the Mac using the regular approach, and print the necessary files.

How can I Print Wirelessly from iMac?

Make sure the printer is turned on and that there is a strong network connection before turning on the computer and printer. Open the document you wish to print, then launch the printing menu by pressing Command + P on your keyboard. In the Preview menu at the top of the screen, choose File and then Print as an alternative.

Choosing your own printing options is an option, or you may use the default ones. The fundamental choices, such as choosing whether to print in black and white or color, are available on the home page. To view more complex choices, like border and fitting options and printing quality, click Show Details at the bottom of the window.

Click Print once you’re finished. You may check the status of the tasks in a task manager that displays the ones that are currently being worked on using this printer.

How to Remove an Unused Printer from iMac

  • Select Printers & Scanners from System Preferences.
  • Locate the printer you wish to delete, select it, and then press the minus button.
  • Verify your decision to remove the printer.

By removing all the files related to an inactive printer, CleanMyMac X will assist in completing the task. Unfortunately, merely unplugging the printer won’t accomplish this; the files will stay on your drive. You may quickly get rid of those remnants using CleanMyMac X.

Utilize the System Junk module of CleanMyMac X to erase the remnants of previous printers:

  • Go to Cleanup > System Junk in CleanMyMac X.
  • To search for unnecessary printer files on your Mac, select Scan.
  • Hit Clean to remove the files after the scan is finished.


The sole need to print documents on an iMac is the presence of a printer. It only takes a few easy steps to add a printer to an iMac.  In this write-up, we have shown the various ways you can add a printer to iMac.

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