How To Circle A Word In Google Docs

By | December 20, 2022

While using Google Docs, circling a word or important sentence is simple. You can decide to place text within a shape and fill it with color by circling it. Your document seems more appealing as a result. The circle option offers a wide range of options and plenty of room for creativity in your work.

In this article, we will be looking at how you can circle a word in Google Docs.

How To Circle A Word In Google Docs

  • Open and create a new document or modify one that already exists.
  • Select Drawing > New from the Insert tab.
  • Select the Oval form by selecting it from the list of shapes after clicking the Shape option in the Drawing window. Release the mouse button after dragging the circle to the preferred size. Ensure that the width and height are equal to form a loop.
  • it is time to now fill the circle with a transparent color. To do this, double-click anywhere within the circle, select the fill color option, and then select the transparent option. The circle will become transparent as a result.
  • Choose the Border Color tool to alter the color of your oval.
  • Choose the color that you prefer.
  • To see how it will appear, click anywhere outside of your shape.
  • You can now Save and Close the button

Your document will automatically contain your shape.


Google Docs Positioning a Circle Over a Word

The automatic text wrapping after adding a circle to your document is “in line.” As a result, the text will float around the object. You must switch the circle’s text wrapping to “in front of text” in order to move it around easily and position it over a word.

The circle can be positioned above a word by altering the text wrapping with the steps below:

1. Tap the circle to select it in Google Docs. It will have a blue border around it, and a toolbar with the possible text wrapping styles will display underneath it.
Circle Chosen in Google Docs Web with Text Wrapping Toolbar Under it
2. Choose the In front of text text wrapping style from this toolbar. It is the toolbar’s final text-wrapping option.
3. Drag the circle over the word you want to circle, loosely placing it there.
4. When it is chosen, drag the Handles that show all around circle to resize it.
5. Place your word again over the resized circle. To get it just right, you might need to continually resize and move it. By pressing the Shift key on your keyboard and using the Arrow keys, you may modify the location pixel by pixel.
6. To modify the circle’s border color, style, or weight later, just select it and click Edit in the resulting toolbar. You can make your modifications in the Drawing window that will open as a result.

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