How To Check Your MTN Mobile Money Registration Details

One of the major challenges that mobile users face in their day-to-day activities while using the various mobile money services is how to check their mobile money registration details.

There have been times that many people have been left in great dilemma due to the fact that they at a point forgot their mobile money registration details, especially their mobile money pin.

What these people do in such cases is that they usually travel from their homes to the offices of these telecommunications companies so they can retrieve their registration details.

If you have no idea as we speak on how to check your mobile money registration details on MTN, do not freak out as your worry has come to an end as we will be detailing how you can successfully check your MTN mobile money registration details easily.

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What are MTN Mobile Money registration details?

Well, these details are the details that were taken when you were registering for your mobile money account for the first time. These details include your name, phone number, mobile money pin, ID card number, house address, and many others.

Why do you need to know your mobile money registration details?

As humans, we can easily forget things so it is necessary to always check on your details to keep abreast with them so that they will be easily remembered.

How To Check Your MTN Mobile Money Registration Details

Check your MTN mobile money registration details can be done easily and it does not cost a penny to check these details. You can check these details on your phone and by yourself.

To check your MTN mobile money registration details, do the following;

  • Dial the short code, *170#, and wait for the window to come up.
  • Once the window pops up, proceed to choose option 6 which has the inscription, ‘My Wallet’.
  • Choose option 10, and this option has the inscription, “Name and Next of Kin” to check your details.
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One other way you can check your registration details is to send money to another number. Your name will be displayed along with the details of the transaction.

Note that there are times that you will check these registration details and find out that your details are not accurate one bit. With this, there is no need to panic as you can rectify it, however, this can only be done at the offices of MTN. So take your ID card and visit any of the MTN offices near you to get it changed.

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