How To Buy SMS Bundles On MTN

By | August 18, 2022

Short Message Service (SMS) really makes communications very simple and easy. There is no undeniable fact about SMS helping people to reach out to their loved ones with just a click.

Well, one thing you have to note is that SMS is not free and previously, it consumed a chunk of the call credit of mobile phone users and this was due to the unavailability of SMS bundles.

To help to keep their customer base, mobile telecommunication companies have brought network bundles sole for SMS and one of these companies that provide such services is the Mobile Telecommunications Network which is popularly known as MTN.

In this article, we will be taking a look at how you can actually buy SMS bundles as an MTN customer without any stress.

About MTN SMS bundles

MTN SMS bundles come in different types and these types have different prices. Depending on the type that greatly entices you, then you go for it.

The offers come as low as getting 10 SMSs to over 500 SMSs and as earlier indicated, the type of bundle will solely depend on the money at hand.

Types of MTN SMS bundles

Below is the list of MTN SMS bundles and the amount that you will pay to enjoy them;

  • 10 SMS with this bundle, your just GHC 0.50
  • 22 SMS goes for GHC 1.1
  • To get 44 SMS, you will need to have not less than GHC 2.2 in your hand
  • This is the kind of deal for people who like to send SMS a lot and by just paying GHC 5.4, you will get 108 SMS
  • This is the real deal. This is targeted at Bulk SMS individuals and it is solely to people using MTN. For 980 SMS, you pay GHC 9.8

How to buy MTN SMS bundles

Buying SMS bundles on MTN is very easy and once you decide to buy an SMS bundle, kindly do the following;

  • Begin by dialing the short code *138*1#
  • Once the pop-up shows, proceed to select option 2 which has the words, ‘Combo Bundles’
  • Then tap on the option 1, ‘SMS Bundles’
  • It is now time to choose an offer from the available bundles thus, GHC 0.5, GHC1.1, GHC 2.2, GHC 5.4 & GHC 9.8)
  • Tap on 1 to buy and after this action, you will be required to choose a payment option – Airtime balance or Mobile Money
  • Then tap on 1 to confirm the purchase.

One thing to note is that these bundles, although cheap and affordable, have no expiry date.

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