How To Change My BVN Phone Number Online First Bank

By | August 27, 2022

Change is part of life and we are sometimes required to change our BVN phone numbers when certain things do not work out well for us.

Because the banks are committed to ensuring that all your banking transactions are seamless, they urge you to get your BVN to ensure that your account is protected from unauthorized access and enables fast-track services when you transact with your bank. With the BVN, you are also allowed to track all your transactions in any bank.

However, there are instances where after you are done with registration, you may want to change your BVN phone number you registered with First Bank and this article brings you just that.

Documents Needed In Changing BVN Phone Number

You are required to present the following:

Valid ID including the following.

  • Nigerian International Passport
  • Nigerian National ID Card
  • Nigerian Driver’s License
  • Your new phone number which you want to use
  • The number you wish to change.
  • BVN Number
  • Date Of Birth

How To Change My BVN Phone Number Online First Bank

You must go to the First Bank branch that is closest to you in order to modify any information in your BVN if you are a client of the bank due to concerns about information security. If the change of the BVN phone number is allowed to be done online, there can be possible instances where someone can steal or hack into your information online.

You will receive instructions on how to alter your BVN phone number from the customer care representative in the banking hall.

You don’t have to forget about the documents listed above when you go to the bank to change your BVN phone number at First Bank.

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