How To Change My BVN Phone Number Online Access Bank

By | August 27, 2022

You are at the right place if you have been looking for howe you can change your BVN phone number online with Access bank.

As human as we are, it is a normal thing to change your mind on the phone number you once used in the registration of your BVN number. There are clear laid down procedures you can follow in order to change your phone number online with Access bank.

The BVN (Bank Verification Number) was invented by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, to strengthen the security of banking transactions and to ensure that fraudulent transactions are minimised.

The BVN helps to reduce fraud, increase the efficiency of banking operations and also enable customer access to future credit facilities.

As the name suggests, Access bank strives to be accessible to the avergae Nigerian regardless of the social status.

How To Change My BVN Phone Number Online Access Bank

Because of how important the BVN number is, it can’t be changed online unless you personally go to the bank you had it created for you to inform them you want to change the BVN phone number.

Interestingly, Access bank has the capacity and the right people to assist you to change your BVN phone number.

Below are the steps to follow in order to have your BNV phone number altered for you.

  • Visit the Access Bank location that is closest to you.
  • Find the bank’s customer service department.
  • Contact a customer service representative and present your needs.
  • The agent will give you paperwork to complete, and you may be required to explain why you wish to change your phone number.

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