How To Cancel Fallout 1st

By | February 3, 2023

It is very unfair to pay subscription charges when the product you are paying for is no longer useful. If you find yourself in such a situation with a Fallout subscription, then here is a tutorial on how to cancel Fallout 1st.

Fallout 1st is a premium subscription to boost your experience with Fallout 76 (Wastelanders). This game is available on almost all gaming platforms and it is only monthly subscription-based. There is no lifetime subscription.

Usually, most gamers signup for Fallout 1 subscriptions, and they get charged while they are not even using the product. If you have such a problem, no matter the platform you have subscribed to, you will be able to cancel after reading this article.

How to cancel Fallout 1st

Cancelling Fallout 1st is different depending on which platform you are subscribed to. I will be showing you how to cancel your subscription on three major gaming platforms which are Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.


PlayStation offers Fallout 1st at $99.99 per annum which is set to renew automatically. This means every year, $99.99 will be deducted from the linked payment method.

You can cancel this auto-renewal by following the procedure below.

This is exclusively for only PlayStation 4 users.

1. Sign in to your PlayStation network

2. Navigate to “Settings”

3. Click on “Account Management”

4. Navigate to “Account Information”

5. click on “Service List”

6. Select Fallout 1st from the list and turn off auto-renew.

That is it. You have canceled Fallout 1st renewal on your PlayStation. Note that you will lose all the premium features if your current subscription expires.


For Xbox, you can cancel your recurring subscription and if possible, you could even get a prorated refund. To cancel Fallout 1st subscription on Xbox, follow the procedure below.

1. Visit the Xbox account page from your web browser:

2. Navigate to “Subscriptions” and select “View All Subscriptions”.

3. Look out for Fallout 1st and select “Manage” next to it.

4. Select “Cancel Subscription” if you have the goal of getting a refund after the cancellation. But if you only want it to renew during the next billing cycle, then simply turn off recurring payments.

If your aim is to get a refund, then you should also make sure you read and understand the refund policies before you start taking action.

Cancel Fallout 1st on Steam

Since Steam has become one of the largest gaming platforms, it is quite important to know how to cancel your subscriptions there too. Follow the procedure below to cancel your Steam subscription.

1. Visit the Steam login page and log into your Steam account. >>>

2. Click on your username at the top right corner of your Steam dashboard and select “Account Details”.

3. Click on “Manage Subscription” under “Store & Purchase History”.

4. Select “Cancel My Subscription” by clicking on the “Edit” button next to Fallout 1st.

5. Click on the Apply button that is it. You have successfully canceled your Fallout 1st autorenewal.


I will ask questions people usually ask bout the Fallout 1st cancellation process. If you have a question that has not been answered yet, then kindly leave it in the comment box and I will reply as early as possible.

What do you keep if you cancel Fallout 1st?

If you cancel your Fallout 1st subscription, you will still be able to access all the resources stored in your scrap box. You should also be able to keep some of the premium features until the next billing cycle when your previous subscription completely expires.

Can you refund Fallout 1st?

Unfortunately, you can not refund Fallout 1st on most of the major platforms. However, Xbox has some refund policies in place that could help you get a refund after cancellation. You should also note that this refund comes with a lot of conditions that must be met.

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