How To Borrow Data From Etisalat

By | August 24, 2022

In our digital age, we require more data to carry out research or to stay on top of issues happening in other parts of the world. Without data, the smartphone in your hand becomes irrelevant since you get limited with the number of things you can perform with it. 

By offering its clients a data advance and permitting them to pay back on their subsequent recharge, Etisalat is showing its appreciation for its subscribers. Many individuals and businesses that need to stay competitive have benefited from this approach and continue to do so.

However, in order to do so, subscribers need to follow some processes and this article contains all the relevant processes. 

How To Become Eligible To Borrow Data And Airtime From Etisalat

You must first be eligible in order to borrow data from Etisalat by meeting the following requirements.

  • Your 9mobile SIM card needs to be linked to NIN and registered.  
  • Subscribers are required to recharge at least N1,000 every month.
  •  You must not owe 9mobile any unpaid data loan sum.

How To Borrow Data From Etisalat

Dial *665#.

* Select option 2 for borrow data.

* Press 1 to choose the amount.

* You are eligible to borrow up to 1.5GB.

* Your line will be credited with your data advance.

By sending STATUS to 665, you can find out if you qualify for Morecredit service and the total amount you can borrow.

You should note that since you are borrowing, you need to pay back with an interest fee of  15% service fee.

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