How to Borrow Data from 9Mobile In Nigeria

By | April 17, 2023

Today on ICT Catalogue as a tech blog — we would like to show you How to Borrow Data from 9Mobile In Nigeria.

Uncontrollable situations may come in handy and leave you stranded for a long time. This could be so frustrating. One of those frustrating situations is when you run out of data. That situation when you are enjoying yourself, surfing the internet, chatting with you friends, attending a webinar on Zoom, or a virtual class on Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, etc and your internet data suddenly runs out. Sometimes, your internet service provider even sends you a warning message telling your how low your data is running. Then you’ll have to purchase a new data bundle or borrow data. One of the most frustrating and interrupting situations.

Now, when your data is exhausted and you do not have enough money or airtime to pay for a new one, you’re left with the option of borrowing data from your internet service provider, whether MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, or, 9MOBILE. This is one of the advantages our internet service providers in Nigeria has granted its users— to borrow data in time of need. 

In this post, I will be showing you steps on how to borrow data from 9Mobile in Nigeria.

Borrowing Data When It Is Exhausted on 9Mobile— How to Borrow Data on 9Mobile.

9Mobile users can’t borrow data. As 9Mobile user, you have to borrow airtime first and then buy some data with it. Only eligible customers are eligible to borrow airtime or data from 9Mobile. An eligible customer would always use his sim by recharging considerable amount of airtime on his phone regularly. To know if you’re eligible, Send STATUS to 665.

Once you’ve confirmed your eligibility, then you may go ahead to dial *665# to borrow data on 9Mobile. In fact, eligibility has limits. If you’re a premium user who recharges 500 Naira and above regularly you may get the advantage to borrow more data on 9Mobile.

Bottom Line

As user who would borrow data or airtime from 9Mobile, you should note that on your next recharge, the amount you’ve borrowed would be deducted. Also, when you borrow airtime 15% would be deducted as service fee.

Should you have any challenge about How to Borrow Data from 9Mobile In Nigeria, kindly share with us.

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