How to Borrow Credit on Vodafone in Ghana

How to Borrow Credit on Vodafone in Ghana – As a mobile phone user, there may be times when we run out of data and want to search the internet for something or respond to an urgent message via WhatsApp or email.

Not only have we run out of data, but there may be no money in your mobile wallet that you can use to purchase data, and this may occur at a time when there are no mobile money merchants nearby to deposit money into your mobile wallet.

Borrowing data is the only option that comes to mind in these circumstances. The good news is that Vodafone Ghana, as a mobile network, allows you to borrow data and pay later.

Vodafone Ghana offers interesting packages that allow subscribers to borrow data and pay whenever they want.


Before you borrow the data, keep in mind that you will be charged a commission when you pay for the data that you borrowed.

If you looking forward to knowing how you can actually borrow data on Vodafone, then this article is the right article for you.

Who can borrow data from Vodafone?

You must know that it is not every Vodafone customer that can borrow data on Vodafone. This is because Vodafone expects you to fulfill some eligibility criteria. To be eligible to borrow data on Vodafone, you must be an active user of Vodafone’s services for not less than fifteen (15) days.

How to Borrow Credit on Vodafone in Ghana

You can borrow data from Vodafone using the provided USSD code by Vodafone. Borrowing data from Vodafone requires you to follow some simple steps and these steps are;

  • Dial the short code, *700# on your phone and hit the call button
  • Proceed to select a bundle from the menu that will be displayed
  • The next step is to confirm the transaction and you will have the data on your phone

Aside from borrowing data, Vodafone has also made it possible for subscribers to borrow airtime. Just like the borrowing data, you must also satisfy some eligibility criteria as a Vodafone subscriber before you can borrow airtime. The eligibility criteria are the same as borrowing data and if you are looking forward to borrowing airtime from Vodafone, do the following;

  • *505# is the shortcode, so you will need to dial it
  • Choose the available airtime loan
  • To confirm, select the next option.
  • You will now have to wait for a while before Vodafone Ghana notifies you that your request was successful.

NB: Even if you have borrowed data, you can borrow airtime as well as they are not dependent of each other.

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