How To Add Shapes In Google Docs

By | December 8, 2022

To add text boxes and other shapes to your page, you can use the drawing tool in Google Docs. Text boxes and shapes could be used to arrange data or separate crucial elements from the rest of your page, however, they are not always necessary. For instance, a flow chart can be made using rectangles, lines, and arrows.

In this post, we will learn about the drawing tool’s commands, along with how to add a drawing or text box to your document. . Additionally, we will learn how to format text boxes and adjust the arrangement of shapes. On

How To Insert a Shape In Google Docs

  • Choose New from the drop-down box after clicking Insert, then linger over Drawing.
  • You’ll see the Drawing dialog box.
  • Choose a function for drawing.
  • To make the shape at the appropriate size, click and drag in the drawing area.
  • Let go of the mouse.

You can include more shapes at your own preference.

How To Insert Special characters to the Google Docs keyboard?

  • Launch Slides or Google Docs on your PC.  
  • View a presentation or document.
  • Press the Insert button up top.
  • Look for the character you wish to add
  • Select a symbol to add it to your file.

Select and format shapes In Gooogle Docs

  • Create a drawing in Google Drive on your PC.
  • Locate it at the top of the page, then select it.
  • Select the shape, line, or text box you want to edit on the canvas.
  • Shift a shape: On the canvas, drag it.
  • Expand a shape: The blue boxes in the corners can be moved.
  • Drag the blue corners dots to spin a line. This is a method of rotating lines.
  • Rotate the object: The blue dot that lies outside the shape should be moved. To rotate 15° at a time, hold down Shift.
  • Modify the border/line style, the fill color, the line color, or the line thickness: Utilize the buttons on the canvas.
  • Insert text within a shape: Start typing once you double-click an enclosed shape.

How To Copy a shape In Google Docs

Press Option (on Macs) or Ctrl (on Windows) when dragging a shape to a new spot to make a duplicate of it.

How To Change your drawing size

  • Create a drawing in Google Drive on your PC.
  • Click File, choose Page setup, from the menu.
  • From the dropdown menu, pick a size. Select Custom if you want to pick your own size.

What function does Google Docs’ ctrl f perform?

Press Ctrl + / (Windows, Chrome OS) or + / to display a list of keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs (Mac).

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