How To Activate Voicemail On MTN Nigeria

By | August 25, 2022

Voice mail allows you the option to send a personalised recorded message to the other party, unlike missed call alarms.

Through their MTN cell phones, consumers may quickly and easily access their voicemail using MTN Voicemail. They can never miss a crucial call, especially if they use their cell phones nonstop at home or at work. Every time a phone is turned off, is unreachable, or fails to work, calls are transferred to voicemail. The caller’s message and the time and date are then recorded by the MTN Voicemail service. The notification is then displayed to the user each time he visits the account. 

This post outlines the processes  you can follow to set up voice mail for Calls on MTN. 

When Voicemails Are Important

Some useful situations were voicemail might be useful include:

  • During busy moments like you are on a call with someone else.
  • When you cant answer the call: there could be moments where you may be in a meeting or at a place where you cant pick up the call. 
  • When the phone is off or you are out of network coverage: you could travel to places where the network is inaccessible or your phone may be dead.

How to activate voicemail on MTN

  • Buy an MTN pay as you go card. You can buy the card from the MTN Voicemail website or any stores in Nigeria that offer the MTN cards. Load the card with money in order to receive voicemail service on your phone.
  • To activate voicemails on MTN, dial 121, and follow instructions.
  • Set your voicemail diverts by dialing *_21_174 and all 11 digits of your phone number. Press # and dial “110.”
  • An interactive voice response system will guide you on what to do. 
  • You’ll need to select a password or PIN code. 
  • You can access your voicemail from another mobile phone using your voicemail PIN. You cannot be able to access your voicemail on your mobile phone if you don’t know your PIN.
  • Your request will be accepted after you set your PIN, and you will then be told to wait.
  • Your voicemail box may take up to 24 hours to activate.
  • dial 113 To listen to your received or saved voicemails

While your voicemail box is operational, you won’t be able to listen to voicemails unless you tell the network when to divert incoming calls to voicemail. You must route your calls to voice mail in order to accomplish this.

Your mobile phone will notify you when you have a new voicemail. This may come in form of a beep, or ring tone, or SMS notification.

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