How to Activate Call Waiting on MTN in Ghana

Call waiting is quite a reasonable feature to activate when you are a mobile phone user. It is reasonable because it alerts you of an incoming call rather than telling the person who is trying to call you while you are on a call that your number is not reachable.

All mobile phones have these features and as we speak, most telecommunication companies have rolled out codes that can easily let you activate call waiting.

In this article, we will be looking at how you can actually activate call waiting on MTN in Ghana without going through stress.

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What is call waiting?

Simply put, call waiting is putting an incoming call on the waiting list while on another call. This helps you to see the number calling so you can either ignore or pick it up depending on the urgency.

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How to activate call waiting on MTN in Ghana

Activating call waiting is not a big deal as this involves some simple steps and configuration on your phone. There are several ways to activate call waiting on MTN in Ghana and below are these ways;

Activation call waiting on MTN on Android phone – Visit the settings of your phone and click on calls. Once it opens, click on settings and click on additional settings. You will find a call waiting button that you can turn on.

Activation call waiting on MTN on iPhone – Locate your iPhone’s settings and click on ‘Phone’. When it opens, find the ‘call waiting’ tab and switch the call waiting feature on by toggling it.

Activation call waiting on MTN using USSD – Due to the difficulties in activating call waiting on some phones, MTN has rolled out a code that can easily activate call waiting for you. To activate call waiting using the code, just dial *43#.

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NB: If you wish to deactivate call waiting on the phone, you go through the above steps, however, you will have to toggle the call waiting button off this time around.

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