How To Activate And Deactive MTN Call Barring In Ghana

By | June 11, 2021

Learning how to deactive all in coming calls in MTN Ghana is very useful information that is provided here, with the latest MTN Call barring shortcode.

The call barring service is not something new to mobile phone users — but happens to be the least used features of mobile SIM cards in Ghana.

One goal of activating MTN Call Barring is for the convenience, security and privacy purpose.

What Is Call Baring?

In general, call barring is a state of mobile telecommunications that allow users to limit some or all incoming calls and outgoing calls within some period. With this feature, you are going to restrict some or all incoming calls, outgoing calls for some purposes.

As a mobile user, you should use call barring when you want to make an outgoing calls on your mobile phone without receiving calls or anytime you want to prevent any fraudulent person from reaching your line several times with disturbed phone calls.

All mobile phone users are eligible to activate Call Barring on their SIM cards — but would require to activate before it can work.

In our today’s article, I would like to walk you through how to activate and deactivate MTN Call barring in Ghana.

How To Activate Call Barring On Your MTN SIM Card

MTN Ghana allows its subscribers to activate the call barring feature easily with the MTN Call Baring shortcode.

To activate the MTN Call Barring, simply dial *31# and MTN Ghana will send you feedback that your phone number has been restricted for making and receiving calls.

How To Deactivate Call Barring On Your MTN SIM Card

After moments of activating the MTN Call Barring to restrict making and receiving calls, there is an option for you to undo this action as well.

If you would like deactivate or lift the restriction on making and receiving calls, kindly dial #31# to undo the MTN Call Barring.

This is how to Deactivate MTN Call Barring. To turn off all call barring on outgoing and incoming calls, tap the cancel on the call barring menu.

Once you undo the MTN Call Baring feature, you are allowed to make and receive all calls again on your mobile phone.

How To Activate Call Barring On Your Phone Without MTN Shortcode

Despite using MTN Ghana shortcode for the call baring feature, there is an option for you to use settings on your phone to activate this feature via the Phone’s menu. Not always shall the MTN Call barring code work for you and this is how to go about that.

  • Open your dialed calls on your phone
  • Go to call settings
  • Select your MTN SIM card
  • Choose Call Barring
  • Select the particular call you want to Barr
  • Enter default PIN 0000 — if requested
  • There will be a notification that your calls have been barred.

After activating Call barring without shortcode, you can also deactivate call barring without using shortcode as well. Check below for more.

How To activate Call Barring for Incoming Calls Without Shortcode

With the rapid advancement of technology, it is now easier for you to stop incoming calls only on your mobile phone. This is to specifically make barr to incoming calls only, in a way to stop people from calling you. Check below about how to stop incoming calls via your phone.

  1. Check your call logs
  2. Visit call settings
  3. Select your MTN SIM
  4. Go to call divert from the option
  5. Select ‘Divert All Voice Calls’
  6. Select the ‘Activate’ option
  7. Choose ‘To New Number’
  8. Here, you can choose to enter any unknown number you think could not be reached when called. To me, I just decided to use sample like this: 0242001122334400
  9. Select the ‘Okay’ option
  10. Now, you’re done.

Congrats and well done! All your incoming calls will now stop since your have activated the call baring option for all incoming calls on your MTN SIM or any number in Ghana.

In summary, To activate barring for all outgoing calls, dial 33PIN#. To deactivate barring for all outgoing calls, dial #33*PIN#.

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