How Much is Beat Saber On Oculus Quest 2?

If you are a Virtual Reality (VR) lover, then you will definitely be one of the people asking “How much is beat saber on Oculus quest 2?

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I am not here to only answer this question but to also explain some of the amazing facts you need to know about the Beat Saber as well as the Oculus Quest 2. If you are completely new to Virtual Reality (VR) or an old user looking for information about Oculus Quest 2 price, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Simply use the table of content below to navigate your way through the content of the page.

What is Oculus Quest 2?

Oculus Quest 2 is the former name for the Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality headset. Meta Quest 2 formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2 has been rated as one of the best VR headsets on the market.

In fact, I will say it is the best option if you are looking forward to embracing the Virtual Reality world. Whether it is gaming or just watching movies, you should go with Meta Quest 2.

Setting up the Meta Quest 2 is easier to set up compared to the other VR headsets. It is also completely wireless. You will not have too many wires dangling around your head.

The headset comes in two models; 128GB selling for $399.99 and 256GB selling for $499.99.

how much is beat saber on oculus quest 2

What is Beat Saber?

Beat Saber is one of the popular virtual reality games. It is a VR musical game developed by Beat Games and released officially on 21 May 2019.

The gameplay involves the player wielding two Light Sabers. Blocks of musical notes will be moving towards the player the goal is to cut through the right note that fits the rhythm to score a point.

There are also bombs and other obstacles that make the game more interesting. The Beat Saber game sells for approximately $29.99.

How Much is Beat Saber On Oculus Quest 2?

The Beat Saber is not a free game. However, you can get it for free for a limited time.

If you are here to find an answer to the question; “How much is beat saber on oculus quest 2?”, then the simple answer is; “It is free“. Yeah, it is free but with conditions.

For a limited time, if you purchase Meta Quest 2 VR headset formerly known as the Oculus Quest 2, you have the offer to download the Beat Saber game for free.

Since this is a limited offer, it could happen that the offer expires before you find this article. In that case, you will likely have to purchase the Beat Saber for $29.99.

Check the Oculus Store to know more about this offer.

If you are a developer who wishes to develop Virtual Reality games, then read our previous article about the Oculus API App Versions.


In this section, I will try my best to answer a few questions that might pop up when treating this topic. If you have a question that has not been answered here yet, simply leave it in the comment section and I will reply as early as possible.

Is Beat Saber a free game on Oculus Quest 2?

For a limited time, Beat Saber is free on Meta Quest 2 which is formerly called Oculus Quest 2. After 2022, this offer will expire and anyone purchasing the Meta Quest 2 might have to purchase the Beat Saber in addition.

How much does Beat Saber Cost?

The Meta Quest 2 comes with a copy of Beat Saber included. However, the Beat Saber is selling at $29.99 on the Oculus Store.

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