How Much Is A Micro SD Card?

By | January 21, 2023

A Micro SD card is one of the best solutions if you are thinking of extending your device storage. But how is a Micro SD Card?

Storage space is very important in this modern world’s advanced technology. You will need a lot of storage space to be able to store files and even install applications.

Cloud storage services like Google Drive and iCloud have made it possible to get a second storage without paying for anything. Most of the time, these cloud storage platforms are not enough to contain our files. For that reason, we resort to using a second storage in our phones.

Most mobile phones these days have SD Card extensions where you can add additional storage. This is a good feature to help increase your phone’s storage capacity.

How much is a Micro SD Card?

SD cards come in different sizes and each size has its own price. There are many places you can get them and where you will get them also gives a different price tag. The brand of SD card you are purchasing also influences the price greatly.

Let us look at some of the common brands of SD cards

Some memory card brands

There are many different brands of SD cards and these are some of the common brands we see on the market these days.

  • SanDisk
    SanDisk is one of the common brands you will get. It is also one of the very grand memory card brands you will get on the market these days. They also do manufacture SSDs.
  • Transcend
    Transcend is one of the best storage device providers. There are SD cards available by Transcends too.
  • Kingston
    Kingston is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to memory technology. They also have memory cards available on the market.

These are some of the common memory cards you can get. There are so many brands that I can not finish mentioning.

Memory card prices

One of the places to get cheap micro SD cards is on AliExpress, Amazon or the branded website of the manufacturers.


You can get a 128GB SanDisk memory card for as little as $14.00 and any other size below 128GB, is below $10.00. There is also a 256GB SanDisk Memory card for $26.00 on AliExpress.

You can get Kingston memory cards too. A 256 GB SD card will cost about $57.00 on AliExpress. Buying from a story with 4.9-star ratings from over 2,000 customer reviews means the product is good.

You can get any brand of micro SD card from these online stores. But each brand has its own pricing so most of them will not have the same price for every memory.

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