How To Make Money Online Without Investment – A Complete Guide For Beginners In 2023

By | August 12, 2023

Making money online without investment is the desire of any internet user out there — to make some passive income from the comfort of their rooms without hustle.

In today’s article guide, I have compiled for you Free Ways To Earn Money From Internet Without Any Investment with a complete guide in 2023.

You might be doubting how some of your friends and making a living from their internet or dotcomology businesses without a degree from any University abroad. Well, you can also earn that handsome online without breaking a bank nor going for a loan.

Making money online is legit and real as the way your device is connected to the internet to access any information online without travelling to the destination. But in all, you should be careful not to get trapped in these online scams or fails.

Many people have failed in these online businesses because they didn’t know where to look at and where to start from or wanted shorcut ways to earn thousands of dollars within some shortest possible time.

Just keep this in mind that in terms of making money online, there is nothing like rocket science that automates everything on your behalf — unless you put in some works at the beginning.

Learning how to make money online without investment will help you setup a great internet business empire that pumps money into your bank account like a damaged ATM Machine. But in all, you would have to take your time to study some things like how the internet works, how payment is working online, some of the businesses you can do online and make money easily.

In a recite from ShoutMeLoud, it explains from one of its post about someone who got hired to fill survey forms but got scammed at the end.

Some of these come with attractive headlines like; “Earn Money Fast: Simple And Easy Form And Survey Filling Job”.

This type of offer seemed to be attractive for the friend of ShoutMeLoud and he proceed to partake in this online money making scheme, signed up for the job with initial registration fee of $40 to complete the registration. He was told to pay and be given survey forms to fill and get paid.

After a few days of sending the money, he received some more online surveys which he gladly filled and sent. This continued for a month until one day the communication channel (email) was not reachable. All his emails bounced back and the guy who hired my friend was nowhere to be found.

These sort of stories have been happening online and over millions of people are being scamed each and everyday on the internet. I am briefing you about this not to cause fear and panic in you, but to inform that online scams are real and you can end up working for people with all your life and end up making zero money online.

As an average internet user willing to make money online from your internet hustle, you should always do proper verification of any online money making scheme before making payment to sign up. Check and verify the brand behind, the person involved in such online money making company — before signing up.

Knowing some of the proven ways to make real money online helps to be independent and earn passive income for a living. There are few to mention such as blogging, CPA Marketing, data entry and more — that can help you earn passive income online.

Start Freelancing Online

There are varieties of Online business you can simply do and make money online from the comfort of your room. The Freelancing as online business is yet another source to earn income online without breaking any bank.

With this kind of online business, you offer your skills in exchange for money as payment. You might be a good graphic designer, writer, website developer, a programmer or voice over maker, and offer service to people in need of any of these and get paid. It’s just a matter of thinking about what you are good at, and hover to any freelancing platform online to provide your quality service to earn money online.

Freelancing as online business you can start helps you become your own boss and work from anywhere you like with your laptop. You simply have to think and be updated on what you are good — to help you make a living.

You can sign up for freelancing jobs on popular sites such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru, Olance, UPWork, PeoplePerHour, and many others. You can visit any of these platforms and sign up to provide service to the relevant category you are good at.

Start A Profitable Blog

Starting a profitable blog does not require the knowledge of programming or great coding skills before you can make something from a blog online. Your writing skills and the power of the internet can do all.

There are a lot of people out there who have the zeal, power and what it takes to write like professional writers — and blogging is all I can recommend for you today. If you are passionate about writing and would love to share your opinions online with others, then blogging is the best option for you. In the world of blogosphere, you do not have to be a technology wonk or computer geek before you can start blogging and make money online.

You can start blogging as part-time business and quit your job later to become a full-time blogger.

I started this technology blog, ICT Catalogue after purchasing the domain for $1.17 and purchasing a hosting — to setup a simple but eye catchy blog to share my thoughts in the world of dotcomology business.

I created ICT Catalogue as a tech blog and applied for monetization program owned by Google, that’s Google AdSense and got approved within some weeks and that started my journey of making a living from my blog — as a tech blogger.

To start a blog, you would need to purchase a domain name and hosting to start your blog. In terms of how to make money with your blog, there are varities of ways you could leverage on — to make money online. You can use your blog to do affiliate marketing, get direct Ads or apply for third party advertising programs.

Some of the third party advertising programs are; Google AdSense, Media.Net, Propeller Ads, MGID, Taboola, Ezoic, Ad Plus etc. You first of all need to start a blog and think of making money from it.

There is a full guide on how to start a blog and make money online easily in 2023.

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the lucrative ways start earning money online. This requires zero investment & you can use your blog or even your social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or LinkedIn to promote and make money online.

There are a lot of bloggers and affiliate marketers making $10,000 and above from their affiliate marketing business out there and all working from their room — without moving to office.

Become A Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant is another online business you can do and make money online from the comfort of your room. The internet has grown to become a home for everything you need. You can trade, learn from home just enrolling into any University across the globe, do business virtually without seeing your prospect buyers and suppliers.

There are numerous jobs you can do online as a virtual assistant and some of these are;

  • Writing contents or Copy Writing
  • Writing Thesis
  • Replying Emails
  • Doing Research works

Concerning how much you can make per gig as a virtual assistant, you can make between $10-50 per hour from your virtual assistant job.

Start Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and there are numerous cryptocurrencies online that can be used for transactions online. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin,

If you take your time to study how the world of cryptocurrency works, this can give you a fairly idea of how to earn a lot of money from crytocurrency and its trading businesses.

You can choose to start Cryptocurrency investment or Cryptocurrency trading and make money at the comfort of your own.

Start A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube Channel requires zero invest — since you do not have to buy any expensive gadgets as equipment.

We have been hearing so many people calling themselves as YouTubers and making money from the things they on their cameras.

I believe you have been seen adverts on YouTube videos, anytime you are watching movies or music clips. These advertisements are displayed Ads from Google and is called Google AdSense.

A YouTube owner setups a channel, uploads videos and when reached 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours — it means you are qualified for monetization program on your channel. YouTube now allows you to participate in the Google AdSense monetization program and make money from the views you shall get on your YouTube videos uploaded.

You dont need an expensive camera or a professional video editor before you can start your YouTube channel. You can start anything from funny videos or what you can do with a screen recorded version. If thinking about how to take videos, your smartphone camera can be of help for a while before buying a camera.

If you are good in cooking, you can start a DIY food YouTube channel or start a Yoga channel if you are a good physical trainer. Coding class channels are highly recommended for people with programming languages.

Online Paid Surveys

There are a lot of online paid surveys you can participate over the internet — but be wise not to get scammed. There are legitimate surveys online you can make money from and same way are there illegitimate surveys online that can get you scammed.

There are more survey companies online that pay you for your opinions shared about products or services. The best way to make money online is to start online paid surveys with a trustworthy survey company.

There are a lot to mention but few are; Prizerebel, Capterra, Swagbucks and more.

There are many websites out there that teach people how to do effective online businesses, and you could also more vital information from IMoro Online Marketing.

It is always recommended that you check from the Terms Of Services from most survey companies before participating into them — since most of these companies accept users from United States and Canada.

Today, on ICT Catalogue as a passionate tech journal, I have given all I know about how to make money online without investment as a complete guide for beginners in 2023.

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