How Long Does An Xbox One Last?

By | January 4, 2023

If you own or are yet to own an Xbox One, then you have probably asked yourself a few times; “How long does an Xbox one last?”. It is a question that will probably help you know how long you could use your console before you think of purchasing another one.

The Xbox One was definitely a game-changer for all of us who love PC gaming. Since it was a Microsoft Product, it was able to make us feel little to no difference migrating from PC gaming to this console.

We were also able to play most of the games we already had on our PC on the console which made someone like me feel at home more.

How long will your Xbox One last?

If you buy yourself a new console, you must equally think about how long it will take before you have to buy another one again.

According to information readily available, the Xbox One can last for 8 to 10 years. However, this is not a fixed lifespan for the console. How long the console will last, depends completely on the user and the environment where the console is being used.

Someone could even render the console unusable after a couple of years of purchase. Others can also keep the console still usable after 20 years of purchase. If the console will last, depends strictly on the user.

The predicted life span is just an average of what could happen. Within the specified duration, the console could develop tiny fixable faults. These are normal situations and do not mean the console has reached its lifespan.

How much does the Xbox One cost

Microsoft discontinued the production of this console in 2020 and introduced the Series S and Series X instead. The older Xbox One might not be available in Microsoft stores anymore but you can still get some elsewhere. You can even get this console for roughly $650 on Amazon.

The Series S is going for approximately $300 retail price and the Series X is also going for $500 retail price. All these are the latest versions of the Series S and Series X.

Microsoft also has 24 monthly instalment plans that can help you acquire the console and pay in little instalments.

How to make your Xbox One last 2 times longer

The longer you keep your console the more money you can save on replacement. I usually do not replace my consoles unless they are outdated or do not meet the demand anymore.

I will tell you some of the simple things I do to keep my consoles still fresh and new for as long as possible. It doesn’t really take much. It is just a few simple habits you have to adopt.

These simple tips are not limited to only the Xbox One but apply to almost all consoles and devices you can think of.

1. Get dedicated space

If you have enough space in your room, then get a dedicated space where the only thing you have there are your consoles and PC.

I personally do not use my consoles with the living room TV. That not only make it difficult for you to use your console at your own chosen time but also makes it easy for anyone sitting in your living room to access your consoles. You know… people can’t be careful with your stuff like you will be with them yourself.

Having a dedicated space makes it difficult for other people to go near your stuff. I am not being mean here. I am just trying to create that private space for myself and my consoles.

2. Avoid overheating

If you are preparing your private space for the consoles, one very important thing you must consider is ventilation. The area around your consoles must be well-ventilated to avoid getting your console damaged by excess heat.

Overheating is one of the things that damage most consoles. The console itself generates heat which is why most of them have fans in them to suck the heat out and allow cool air from outside to circulate inside the console.

If the temperature outside the console is almost the same as the one inside, the chips in there will definitely get fried in no time.

I usually use fan coolers on my consoles. You can get some of these coolers on AliExpress.


You can get any of those coolers for as little as $15.

3. Take a break

If you use your console consistently nonstop, you will reduce the life expectancy of your console. You have to take long breaks if you use them for a period of time.

At least have like few days every week that you will not even turn your console on. This habit allows the console to also take a rest.

It will help improve the console’s lifespan greatly and also help you as a player not get too addicted to gaming.

4. Use voltage guards

I have personally become addicted to using overvoltage protectors. Using over-voltage protectors makes it difficult for fluctuations in electric currents to cause damage to your gadgets.

Try to use over-voltage protectors for all your gadgets, including PC, consoles, tv, etc. You might not know when there will be fluctuations in currents.

These voltage protectors are there to make sure your gadget receives only the exact current it needs to function. Nothing less, nothing more.

5. Fix, replace and maintain

Along the way, your console might develop tiny faults. Most of these faults will be software issues where all you have to do is Google the error codes and fix them.

If you have a hardware issue, simply disconnect your console and send it to the experts to check for you.

There is one major thing you must also know and that is the fact that Hard Drives have life spans that are lower than the Xbox One console. Read my previous article about How long Hard Drives last.

You will definitely have to change your Hard Drive a couple of times. If you want to change, I will recommend you use SSD instead of HDD.

6. Dust and clean

Dust is one of the agents of destruction when it comes to electronics and other things could think of. Dusting and cleaning should be an everyday chore for your electronics.

It will help your console look still neat and fresh after many years of usage.

Do not use any liquid cleaning agent when cleaning your console. Electronics and liquids cannot coexist. Of course, a drop of liquid could fry all the chips in your console.

If you are able to keep up with all these tips, you should expect your console to get way older than expected.

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