Hisense Buy And Pay Later In Ghana

By | June 13, 2022

The hussle on the budget of Ghanaians in acquiring expensive household appliances, and electronic gadgets sometimes makes the dream of owning some of the gadgets practically impossible, but with the introduction of the hire purchase scheme better known as pay now and buy later, most Ghanaians are able to acquire their planned gadget.

Things You Should Know About Hisense

Hisense is a Chinese-based electronic gadget manufacturing company that has been in existence for quite some time. The company has made a huge wave in recent years and has evolved to be among the popular electronic brands in West Africa. The ambitious manufacturer dived into electronic gadgets a few years ago and has since been a revelation in the electronic world. If you are an electronic gadget lover, you will understand the impact Hisense has had in the market since it was introduced.

In 2005, Hisense officially licensed Sharp, a popular TV brand that has built a strong reputation and embraced in the market over the years. They started manufacturing televisions for South American and the United States gadget markets. The brand also bought the Toshiba TV brand, a striking sign they are ready to take over the electronics market in years to come.

Word of caution: Hisense Ghana in itself does not offer buy and pay later options as at the time of writing this article so you need to watch out when any staff approaches you and says otherwise.

There are, nevertheless, some reputable organizations eager to provide you with electronic products/appliances with flexible payment terms and circumstances.
You can buy Hisense and pay later from the companies listed below.

CreditHub Ghana

At Credit Hub, they understand the strain on the budget of Ghanaians in acquiring expensive household appliances, electronic gadgets, etc. It is their goal to make such appliances and electrical gadgets affordable to every Ghanaian through payment plans tailored to individual and family budget.

You can contact them via the following details email:¬†[email protected]. phone: 0302954220 mobile: 0555648900

Buy Now Pay Later Ghana

They have a large selection of Hisense items as well as other electronic equipment from other manufacturers. Use the contact information below to learn more about the terms and conditions.

 Call 024-592-9654 /055-138-3811 or visit www.buynowpaylater.com.gh

Appliance Republic

They feature a large selection of electronic items. Use the contact information below to pay them a visit or give them a call. You can use them to buy an electronic in Ghana and pay for it later.

They can be found at Weija-DVLA, Gicel Estates Block A10, Office number 12/13, ACCRA.

Telephone: 0266 444 224

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